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Skadate Dating Software New Feature: CloudFlare Integration

Skadate Dating Software New Feature: CloudFlare Integration


I’m happy to remind you that a new feature-rich version of SkaDate Dating Software was presented to the public this spring. This release is prominent for enhanced software performance, an overall revamp of the management system with language auto-select and rolling-out slideshow options as well as many other improvements.

One of the most significant SkaDate Dating Software enhancements I want you to look at is CloudFlare integration. This cloud-based service adds extra spam protection, considerably steps-up website load speed by means of distributing the content around the world so it’s closer to site’s users and protects your website from a range of online threats.

A special need in CloudFlare appears if:

  • you host your website on the shared hosting server which is not powerful enough to process information quickly.
  • you are not satisfied with a load speed for various reasons and want to make it faster,
  • your server has downtime problems. CloudFlare provides uninterrupted functioning even during downtime.

To activate this feature on your website, you need to log into your admin account and choose the “Site Caching” button in Configuration section, then switch the tab to CloudFlare and tick the box “Enable Cloudflare”. To enjoy CloudFlare site performance boost and speed acceleration, make sure you already have a fully filled-in account with CloudFlare ( More information on how to properly set up a CloudFlare Account is available for our customers in this User Manual (please, check if you are logged into your customer area).

With CloudFlare integration and other enhancements your website will be better protected from spam and other attacks such as abusive bots and crawlers. The delivery of your site content will be automatically optimized, so your users get the best performance. It will take 5 minutes to integrate CloudFlare, following our instructions. If you do ever consider this feature as unnecessary, you can turn CloudFlare off as easily as you turned it on. Buy a new version of SkaDate Dating Software and enjoy new features and optimized performance and keep following our blog to be informed.

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