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Holidays Special: New SkaDate Version Release and 35% Off!

SkaDate 9
Holidays are finally here and boy we have great presents for you! We are launching a round of discounts for SkaDate Dating Software as well as SkaDate iPhone and iPad Applications (read more about that at the bottom of the page), but what’s more exiting, we are happy to unveil the new and significantly improved version of our acclaimed matchmaking solution. MEET SKADATE 9!

Holidays are finally here and boy we have great presents for you! We are launching a round of discounts for SkaDate Dating Software as well as SkaDate iPhone and iPad Applications (read more about that at the bottom of the page), but what’s more exiting, we are happy to unveil the new and significantly improved version of our acclaimed matchmaking solution. MEET SKADATE 9!

SkaDate 9SkaDate 9: Date On-The-Go!

SkaDate 9 is the combination of all the best parts of the popular SkaDate Engage and those features frequently requested by real SkaDate users throughout the recent years. Best-voted free dating templates, Facebook-like Newsfeed, iPhone Application, eCommerce Options, and more – we’ve got it all! After listening carefully to what our customers want in a dating script, we are ready to give it to them with SkaDate 9.

  • SkaDate’s Original Newsfeed

With the addition of Newsfeed, SkaDate takes online dating to a new level, combining the fluidity of social network communication with traditional virtual matchmaking. Site members will no longer miss any important news, events, blog posts, and will be constantly in the loop of what’s going on in the community.

SkaDate’s Newsfeed really sets our dating software apart from the competition. It’s original, yet totally familiar to all Facebook or Google+ users, who will definitely appreciate it. Simply put, the Newsfeed is the cornerstone of online communication these days. Don’t miss it.

  • SkaDate iPhone Application


There is no doubt that the emerging trend in online dating in 2011 was mobile dating. It is all set to explode even bigger next year. Seeing the demand for a native mobile application, we have partnered with SOD Technologies to produce SkaDate iPhone App, which is now bundled together with our original Mobile Browser Version as part of SkaDate Mobile Edition.

Give your members the freedom of the unrestrained dating on-the-go, while they enjoy all of the fundamental benefits of regular online dating. Our iPhone application is just a start, and we’ll get more smartphone versions on the market in the near future.

  • SkaDate eCommerce: Shopping Cart and Coupon Codes

SkaDate Shopping Cart

Another great way to entice user activity on a dating site is giving your members additional eCommerce options in exchange for user credits. We’ve come up with Shopping Carts, which allow anyone to create merchant postings in the Classified area and sell goods for real cash through PayPal.

At the same time site admins will have the ability to award members Coupon Codes. These are essentially discounts for various membership types, granting users site privileges and benefits.

  • SkaDate SEO Optimization

SkaDate SEO Optimization


It’s all about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in our industry, and SkaDate 9 boast an optimal solution for the automatic improvement of websites’ search engine visibility. Every time a member adds new content (like a blog post, forum topic, classified add, event, profile update, etc.), it is immediately scanned, while meta-title and meta-description of the page is updated automatically, depending on the content’s title and details.

  • SkaDate Dating Site Templates

As with all SkaDate releases, SkaDate 9 comes pre-packaged with two brand new free dating and community site themes, created in accordance with requests submitted via polls on the SkaDate main site.

Rainbow is a more familiar template for a social networking website, completely in line with Web 2.0 aesthetics. Note how the display area has been streamlined for improved content presentation.

SkaDate Rainbow Template

Fab will be liked by owners of adult-oriented dating sites. This sexy template is done in the color scheme and with elements requested by the majority of SkaDate Poll voters.

SkaDate Fab Template

  • SkaDate Favorite Features and Compatibility

We made sure that all of the favorite features from previous versions of SkaDate Dating Software made it to the new release. We’ve got Games, Speed-Chat, Matchmaking Options, Virtual Gifts, Photo/Video Upload, Multimedia Albums, Extensive Profile Configuration Tools, Forums, Blogs, Advanced Admin Controls, etc.

SkaDate 9 is fully backward compatible, which means that current SkaDate 7 and SkaDate 8 user bases can be seamlessly transferred to the new platform hassle-free. Moreover, our in-house quality testing assures that the current SkaDate dating script is the most stable and user-friendly SkaDate build on the market.

  • Minor Improvements, New Languages and Other Features

Several minor leftover bugs have been fixed in the new version, while numerous improvements introduced to existing features. Among others, the overhaul includes Facebook Invite and Facebook Connect functions; the display of members of specific sex in Profile and Hot Lists in accordance with user’s selection; Event End Date and Event List Calendar fix; proper IM operation; and Password Protected Video option.

In addition, SkaDate 9 is now also available in Greek and Slovak, raising the total number of User Interface languages to 11. The full list of all SkaDate 9 features can be found here.

SkaDate Christmas Special

SkaDate Christmas Special

And now the moment you’ve been waiting for! For a limited time and to properly celebrate the holiday season with the new release, the package of SkaDate 9, SkaDate Mobile Edition, and SkaDate iPhone Application will be sold for a total of $350, instead of the regular price of $550! Essentially, by ordering your copy of SkaDate 9 NOW, you are getting the mobile edition absolutely for free, saving $200 with each license! Don’t miss your chance: the discount offer will be valid December 20th through December 27th.

* * *

To have a taste of the new software, check out the SkaDate 9 Live Demo, and if you have some questions about the product, any of its features, ticket support, our service, etc., make sure to contact our Pre-Sales Operators. Enjoy the new product and share your success stories with us! Oh, and Happy Holidays!