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SkaDate Dating Software Niches 101: Country Dating

SkaDate Dating Software Niches 101: Country Dating


SkaDate Dating Software Niches 101: Country DatingNow that our extended promo campaign is out of the way and everyone got a copy of SkaDate dating script on top of a free Mobile Edition, we can return to our regular programming. Which means it’s time for another round of SkaDate Dating Software Niches 101.

Quite conveniently, I’ve been recently contacted by one of our clients, who inquired whether we can come up with a custom theme for what he called a ‘Hillbilly Dating Website.’ To tell you the truth, I never considered the viability of such a niche, and that is why my mind was literally blown when I started up my trusty Google Search looking for variations of Online Country Dating.

Of course I knew about, as it somehow always makes it into my various monthly online dating digests, but I could never imagine the overall spread of the phenomenon.

Also, unlike in other niches usually represented by a couple of prominent leaders, here we have a huge number of small-scale independent sites ending up at the forefront. Amazingly, most are well designed and retain a unique feel, which shows great care of their owners, and in turn explains the apparent excess of members and visitors.

After the initial shock I realized that it’s only logical for counties with great rural traditions to have population slow down and get back to its countryside roots in search of real love and friendship. Indeed, city life is often seen as too artificial, relationships as fake,  and romances as fleeting.

It doesn’t matter whether the above is actually true. What matters is that you don’t see the urban niche as developed and varied as the the one dedicated to Country Dating. We get everything here – from tidy and classy Country Match to loud and rough Redneck And Single, which welcomes visitors with the sign ‘Wow! It’s like an online honky-tonk, but without the drinkin’, cussin’ and fightin’.’

And if you believe this is a purely American thing, think again. Look no further than for the Down Under flavor, or for the British fix. Scanning user databases of all these sites shows that you don’t have to be from an actual area, but just understand and embrace country life sensibilities.

All I’m saying is that even the worst of city slickers out there will have to agree that Country Dating websites have quietly occupied quite a broad and profitable niche. This happened despite all attempts of the industry to look all urban and hip.

Well, I guess all this means that we’ll be considering the development of that Hillbilly themes after all…

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