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SkaDate Dating Software Niches 101: Healthy Lifestyle Dating

Welcome back to SkaDate Dating Software Niches 101. Last time we have looked at the ever popular Pet Dating, and as far as I know that gave some of our clients a good incentive to experiment with niche selection. We were also asked if there are other niches that could lead to a similar success.

I could have told you that with SkaDate dating script you can make any niche work to your advantage. That’s true, but there’s also a small matter of competition and niche domination. Generally speaking, you don’t want to go head to head with while swimming in the pool with other generic fishes. Setting your site apart even in the slightest way is always beneficial in our business.

So let’s look at other trends that are going strong at the moment. One of them is Healthy Lifestyle. Luckily, turning this concept into a dating niche is fairly simple, and quite a few people have already made millions doing just that. The list of successful niche representatives includes GreenRomance, Fitness-Singles, VeggieDates, MyFitnessPal, etc.

The good thing about healthy lifestyle is that all of us are attracted to it at one point or another. Some people stick with it for long, others discard it after a while, but everyone feels good while doing it, and that’s what counts.

Starting a dating site within the healthy lifestyle niche is fairly easy. You just have to look around and see what drives the trend in your particular area. Maybe it’s fitness exercises, environmental activism, or vegetarianism advocacy. It’s all over the mainstream media, which also works in our advantage.

A pleasant bonus here is that healthy lifestyle activity draws together similar minded people into communities almost on its own. You just have to capitalize on that. There is nothing wrong about it. Many singles actually look for a non-intrusive help to start building a relationship. A Healthy Lifestyle dating site might be just what they need.

Once you’ve got the crowd’s attention and your membership base begins to grow, the monetization plan will kick-in. Advertising relevant local events, selling numerous health products, or taking a share of the profit from vendors on your site (a new feature with SkaDate 9) can boost the income.

The best part is that everyone will benefit from your creation – the community will have a place to hang out and meet new members, and you will get a financial reward, while enjoying that green aura everyone is talking about.

But don’t forget that there are a lot of people out there who are fed up with all the talk about healthy lifestyle. Some of them simply cannot afford it, and others might have the misfortune of not enjoying good health altogether. Guess what, there is a dating niche just for them. But that is a subject for another blog post.