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SkaDate Niches 101:
Meet Dead Meet, Halloween Special


SkaDate dating software

Every week I go through hundreds of different dating websites – I see what’s new on the market, what are the latest trends, and what our new clients came up with using SkaDate Dating Software. Every week I tell myself that nothing can surprise me anymore. And at least theoretically I should have gone through the list of all possible dating niches at least a hundred times already.

And yet, the Internet romance community still surprises me every single time. Stuff like dedicated dating sites for gluten-free enthusiasts, pet lovers, book nerds, and sea captains, is nothing new really. But recently (and rather timely for Halloween) I’ve stumbled upon a niche dating site ‘Dead Meet’ and was hit with all the explicit expectations imaginable. Just think of an afterlife experience where you have a chance to be with a great person who lived in a different era, or even your time, but the two of you had no chance to be together while one of you were alive. I couldn’t stop imagining messaging Franz Kafka in English, or use Google Translate to express my admiration in Czech or French.

Alas, venturing to the ‘About’ section brought me back to the painful reality. Dead Meet is a dating and networking site for people who work in death industry and want to meet like-minded individuals: taxidermists, crematorium techs, anatomists, etc. The website is run by Carla, an ex-Pathology Technician and current Pathology Museum Curator. She started Dead Meet this year and the site already boasts 5,000 members.

And you know what? We need our close people to understand what we do, why we work extra hours, or have an idea of what excites and frustrates us. Maybe that is the reason why so many surgeons date other surgeons, scientists marry other scientists, or artists best get along with other art people. Yet, most of us avoid talking about death even generally without going into details. But for death industry people it is a subject that comes up daily. So, despite the macabre setting, Dead Meet seems like a nice place to meet a partner or make friends to share concerns and experiences without unnecessary explanations. In her interview to Vice, Carla says: “When asked, “How was your day?” I wanted to be able to say how it really was, safe in the knowledge that uttering sentences not usually uttered by “normal” people wouldn’t send someone packing”.

If you are thinking of starting a dating business and cannot come up with a niche, just listen to people’s needs carefully. There are still lots of niches available worth exploring and even making a profit employing them. SkaDate dating software is always here happy to contribute into your growing success.