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SkaDate Dating Software Niches 101: Sports Dating

SkaDate Dating Software Niches 101: Sports Dating


Welcome back to SkaDate Dating Software series on online dating niches. I was really tempted to get ahead of schedule and tackle the Adult Niche in the wake of this week’s release of SkaDate dating script 9.2 (which included an awesome new adult theme Ardent). But I guess, we’ll have to wait till the second semester for something that exciting.

Right now I want to go back a month to London Olympics. Guess what it brought along with reignited respect for British humor, and an avalanche of McKayla memes? You’d be right if you said a comeback of sports-related dating sites.

To be completely honest, they were always popular, and the Olympics just highlighted their growing relevance. Committing to a single sport is a big deal, and it tells others quite a lot about one’s personality. Just think how different chess and racing fans are inside, you wouldn’t mistake them now would you? And guess what, there are dating sites for both of these audiences.

Sport is also the kind of thing that can unite people even without direct participation. Sure, a lot of social groups are formed around the same sports activity, like playing basketball. But you can never touch a ball in your life and still be forever linked to something like soccer, if you live in Bristol. Or Europe.

In this sense, common enthusiasm for a particular sport (or even just a team) is a great advantage in building dating site membership base. In addition, if the chosen sport is publicly accessible and acceptable, not something like nude underwater boxing or Formula 1, people can use the site to seek partners for joint activity.

But even than, there are plenty of sites for golf lover or mud wrestling enthusiasts, so I guess I will take back the accessibility and acceptability part. Anything goes in the world of sports, and it’s basically hard to miss, especially in parts of the world, where sports is a multi-billion dollar industry (everywhere except Penguinland).

It’s easy to see that sports-oriented dating sites have plenty of opportunities to monetize their operation and gain additional income. From club-like memberships, selling equipment, and taking ads for local venues, to setting up real events and competitions for members, the list is limited only by site owner’s imagination. Otherwise, everyone loves sports and wants to find a romantic partner – a perfect combination and a real recipe for success.

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