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SkaDate Dating Software Niches 101: Sugar Daddy Dating

SkaDate Dating Software Niches 101: Sugar Daddy Dating


SkaDate Dating Software Niches 101: Sugar Daddy DatingIn the last two months SkaDate Dating Software blog analysed the popularity of Pet Dating and Healthy Lifestyle niches, both of which, albeit quite successful, look rather tame in nature as compared to some of the other online dating sure-hitters. Take Sugar Daddy dating for instance.

The phenomenon itself isn’t new, as the age disparity in relationships has been exploited by both sexes for… well, ages, but somehow it translated incredibly well into the online realm. Moreover, the recent explosion of sugar daddy websites is slowly changing the entire cultural perception and general acceptance of this concept.

Speaking of which, the terms ‘sugar daddy’ and ‘sugar baby’ dating refer to relationships between usually older but very well-off men and younger women. And while this does invoke some certain negative connotations, the taboo of the subject matter is vanishing faster than Charlie Sheen’s liver.

In fact, we have to remember that we are dealing with online dating here. The entire industry was frowned upon just a few years back, and yet look at its success now. The same can be said about sugar daddy niche. Not only it became one of the most lucrative business models, it also entered mainstream media with the New York Times, CNN, The Wall Street Journal and Dr. Phil among many others, extensively taking about it.

The underlying truth about the whole thing is that sugar daddy relationships will form even without the input of online dating sites, so there’s really no reason here not to capitalize on the trend. In current economic conditions plenty of young women look for upscale life and financial stability, but also for mature emotional and mental experience in their partners.

Whether such connections can eventually lead to true love is an open question, but I guess it doesn’t really matter here anyway. After all, the clear goal is to get the most out of a mutually beneficial relationship. And millions of people use the opportunity online dating presents them with.

If you think I just made that last part up, just type ‘sugar daddy dating’ into your search engine and be amazed with hundreds of results. Everything from Brandon Wade’s famous to aptly titled, to area specific or, to a more questionable

The capitalization opportunities are quite clear here, as both men and women joining sugar daddy portals already know what they are looking for, and are quite ready to pay for their match, unlike with other, less arrangement-oriented websites.

Thus, if you are ready to power up your SkaDate dating script, but is still thinking on the niche, a sugar daddy website isn’t such a bad idea business-wise, no matter what your moral stance is. And don’t forget, that the concept can work the other way around too, as, of course, Cougar Dating.  Fine, I’ll think about covering it in the future.

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