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Online Dating August Roundup

by Zima

These days are over!

Here we are, ladies and gentlemen, saying last good byes to the dog days of summer. The season is over and the fall is here. This means one thing – everyone is back from vacations, and having accumulated plenty of energy and ideas, is ready to embrace the industry with new motivation and vigor. And if you have missed some of the August developments on the Online Dating scene, fear not, SkaDate Dating Software Roundup is here to brief you. As usual, the list of our own August posts can be found at the bottom of the page.

What was noticeably different about this month is the amount of online dating news from outside the US. There was the the report about the amazing second-quarter growth posted by the Chinese Jiayuan outlet, and the story about Cupid’s continuous expansion with the purchase of a number of Brazilian websites worth £500,000.

An article in Asian Corresponded covered the issue of overcoming fraud in Korean virtual dating, while the Digital Journey ran a piece about the former Miss Kenya choosing to seek love online, seemingly as part of a promotion campaign for In addition, India, Kenya, and Israel all featured prominently in headlines. This global success of the industry also made its way into our own late August post Five Dating Site Trends of the Now.

Another major news came from California-based eHarmony. The company appointed Jeremy Verba as its new CEO. Don’t know who Verba is? Think Treasure Isle, the fastest growing app ever on Facebook, produced by the game company Zynga. Verba was in charge of that.

Vator News noted in it’s coverage of the signing that “social gaming and online dating go together like grilled cheese and tomato soup“; an idea we vehemently support, which can be evidenced by our post about the prominence of gaming features supported by the SkaDate Dating Script.

In the meantime, the head honchos of two other online dating giants, and OKCupid (Mandy Ginsberg and Sam Yagan), teamed up with The New Yorker’s Nick Paumgarten for a panel discussion of love in the age of the Internet, titled “Looking For Love: The Business of Online Dating”.

The event addressed criticism sometimes directed at the industry, and most participants came to an agreement best summarized by’s Helen Fisher, who said, “I don’t think it’s for desperados. I think we’re at a time where people really don’t have time. It’s cheap, you can do it in your pajamas, and you don’t have to go to bars and kiss a lot of frogs and spend $50 on beer and come home alone. We’re at a time where everybody is extremely busy, and I think it’s a very effective way to find people.”

The all-star gathering provided a unique opportunity to peek behind the scenes of the online dating industry. Coincidentally, both and OKCupid were among the companies picked for our Five Success Stories to Get You Started (Up), a post that aimed to inspire beginning and seasoned dating site owners.

Fred Willard and Online Dating: born for each other.

Off to the new trends we go; and as the debate over the proposed Google+ “real name” policy wages on, it is fueled by the appearance of a new dating site The portal owners insist members should upload profile videos instead of pictures to make sure that people behind them are real (and not fakes). The jury is still out whether this drive against web anonymity is going to stick around.

Another interesting idea was proposed by the San Francisco-based, a website dedicated entirely to the concept of double dating. I guess it is another step towards erasing the borders between online and real dating. The company’s founder Michael Parikh explains that the main idea behind the service is “to make online dating more social and less awkward by bringing together pairs of friends instead of solo singles.”

Back at SkaDate we also contributed to the newest trends discussion with a humorous post Five Hollywood Ideas to Get You More Members in 2012. And while I’m still on the topic of showbiz and entertainment, there is absolutely no way to ignore the growing popularity of an emerging sub-genre in “Online Dating Play”.

There were two of those last month. One is an Off-Broadway production ‘Hearts Online: An Online Dating Musical’ by the Firehouse Theater Project; and another is a show by the Second City improvisation comedy troupe, wittily titled “Sex & The Second City: A Romantic Dot Comedy,” featuring a video appearance by Fred Willard.


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