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SkaDate Dating Software Presents: Online Dating December Roundup

SkaDate Dating Software Presents: Online Dating December Roundup

SkaDate Dating Software Presents: Online Dating December Roundup

The official sign of December

SkaDate Dating Software Blog’s regular feature – the Online Dating Monthly Roundup is about to undergo a slight makeover. It’s a brand new year after all, and the time is perfect to introduce some improvement, don’t you think?

Anyway, we’ll continue to track all the major happenings in online dating industry and then compile them into 10 best and most interesting stories of the past month. So here’s our pick for December, see if you missed anything… As usual, the list of our own blog posts can be found at the bottom of the page.

1. New Year Online Dating Boost

December is the month when most people and businesses are getting ready for holidays. For instance, we’ve got a new version of the SkaDate Dating Script released and introduced limited offer discounts for the community as a gift. That in itself was the biggest story of the year for us, but on the global scale the New Year brought something even bigger news-wise.

I’m referring to the enormous traffic surge virtually all online dating sites received during days leading up to the big celebration. The general spike in visits was about 15%, as people didn’t want to remain single on New Year’s Eve. The most impressive numbers came from Canada with its insane registration boost of over 50%! Speak about the international culture of online dating (and if you do, check out our story about the subject)!

2. New Year Resolutions

Let’s continue with the New Year theme, shall we? Guess what was the top resolution for the biggest online dating demographic (people over 50 years old)? Why, of course it’s Finding Love! CBS News went even as far as saying it outright – “Baby Boomers Want Love, Sex in 2012”. And it’s true too – a survey published by revealed that nearly 60% of boomers said that seeking love is their number one priority in 2012.  Sweet, isn’t it?

SkaDate Dating Software Presents: Online Dating December Roundup

I’d be a hit!

3. December Explodes with Innovation Ideas and Trends

Now, the over-50 demo is a staple in online dating, but according to numerous news stories it seems the trend is picking up steam once again. In general, though, December was of the best months of the past year in terms of setting up new trends, as well as reviving old ones in innovative ways.  We also got that vibe during our first ever SkaDate Google+ Hangout.

Now, let’s see… Apart from dating for seniors, we’ve got a major return for inmate dating, and Nerve – the original hipster dating site, which reimagined itself by replacing soulless matchmaking algorithms with fun. There was also the debuts of sites promoting activity-based dating, aura-color dating, dating with an editorial supervision, and even Leftovers Dating. And if you think that ‘leftovers’ is a cute nickname for ex-lovers, think again. It’s a site where your dates literally depend on what you actually have in your fridge. Don’t ask.

4. Dating for Dinners Debate

Speaking of food. One of the biggest online dating stories of the month was first broke by Business Insider, which told the tale of 23-year old Jessica Sporty from New York. The girl used with a sole purpose of getting fancy dinners for free. At her peak, Jessica was eating out to the tune of $1,200 per month, all paid by her suitors. And of course, the biggest advocate of this behavior was no other than Brandon Wade, the founder of online dating site In Jessica’s case the answer to that question is clear. She’ll date for food.

5. Industry Takes on Scam

Good news! All across the globe industry representatives are getting more involved in cracking down on the network of criminals exploiting singles looking for love online. This is understandable, as negative publicity regarding scams in online dating can potentially harm profits. This is why governments are now actively assisted by major dating companies in coming up with appropriate regulations to protect consumers. There’s hope the current commitment will produce good results in the near future. After all, the industry members know best how to make their own domain safer.

6.  Statistics Mess

Online Dating Industry loves reporting about statistics. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always get it right. For instance, the recent report that said 70% of black women don’t marry was busted by a researcher at the Ohio State University. But even insiders now question the accuracy of numbers released by study groups. Online Dating Post champions the idea of bringing more useful research that can actually improve online dating.

7. Industry Examined

Mainstream media was really interested in the inner workings of the dating industry in December. CNBS even filmed an entire feature about our 3 billion a year business, spotlighting all of the major players and explaining how they operate. At the same time we got a heartbreaking and simultaneously inspiring piece from Business Insider about founder Gary Kremen, who got only $50,000 after he walked away from the company.

8. Dating Conferences

Nevertheless, Kremen is doing just fine these days. Moreover he’s scheduled to be keynoting at an upcoming iDate Online Dating Business SuperConference on January 23-30. Other big players will also attend the event, which will culminate with iDate Awards (where SkaDate is nominated in the Best Dating Software category). Another important industry gathering, the Online Dating Summit Conference in Barcelona was announced for March 2012.

9. Involvement of Celebrities

SkaDate Dating Software Presents: Online Dating December Roundup

Works either way…

It wouldn’t be a roundup without mentioning a couple of scandals and celebrities, now wouldn’t it. Well, consider this – adultery  proponents Ashley Madison installed a controversial billboard in Pennsylvania, ‘endorsing’ the former GOP speaker Newt Gingrich. The sign reads “Faithful Republican… Unfaithful Husband”. Ouch. Let’s hope that record breaking singer Adele will never be featured in AM campaigns, although the British star revealed she’ll be soon trying the online dating waters too.

10. Online Dating Grandma

Well, I guess we are to square one with this one, but it’s some harmless fun to close the roundup with. Although one has to question the harmlessness of a 75 year-old grandma saying stuff like “He betta put his pants back on before he hurts himself”. That’s what you get when your grandma is a wingman, helping you chronicle dating adventures on OKCupid and J-Date. Read the blog and have fun!

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