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Online Dating for Happy Singles: 5 Tips to Keep in Mind

“If you want to have a successful dating site, learn what your customers want and give it to them.”

Being a dating site owner you’ve heard that a thousand times – from all those tips-and-tricks articles, quotes of online dating sharks, and recommendations of the industry experts. And this post is no different. We’re going to tell you how crucial it is to meet the customers’ needs. And most importantly, what these needs actually are.

  • Easy registration, trial memberships

When a potential member knows nothing about your site yet (other than what your domain and description tell) – it is crucial for them to come in and look around with as little complications as possible. Having to go through a compound registration process with a number of required fields, even before the users know what they actually sign up for, can easily cool down their interest. The magic blue ‘Facebook connect’ button will surely make the join process fast and seamless, which means more attractive. Unless your site conception requires registration by invitation only – a simplified join form looks like a great idea to attract more users.

Also, consider offering trial memberships with time-limited access to paid plan features. Not only will this let members experience the whole scope of your site opportunities, but also will inspire them for subscription once the trial plan expires.

  • No fake profiles

A majority of site owners believe that nothing can be worse for a startup than a dating site with very few members. That’s wrong. According to what Internet daters say, a site filled with beautiful profiles that are fake or inactive is way less attractive. People get so tired of being fooled by professional pictures of non-existent members that they are ready to sue the websites taking advantage of this strategy. A dating site that may be new and small, but would show real people that answer when you approach them, is more likely to become successful than one of those 1000-hottest-women-that-never-reply websites invoking nothing but irritation.

Using tips and strategies for building members database from scratch will help your dating site grow while maintaining credible reputation.

  • Privacy

People need to feel secure when dating online. Often they don’t want to reveal their personal information to anyone but their friends list. So you should give your site members an option to protect their profile information with privacy settings. This will make them feel more relaxed about using your service.

  • Entertaining features

These days online dating is more than plain matchmaking. People want to have fun online while browsing through profiles, and need more ways to interact and express themselves. Posting blogs, reading forum, uploading music, video, photo albums and creating groups will not let site members get bored. Multi-player games, speed-dating, events will bring your site to a new level of interactivity helping singles know each other better in relaxed atmosphere.

  • Personal attitude

Your site members should see they are of primary interest for you. Collecting users’ feedback on how you are doing, personalizing emails, providing subscription discounts, special offers and other benefits to loyal customers will make people feel important. And this is exactly what encourages members come back to your site and recommend it to their friends.

We’ve been doing our best to make SkaDate Dating Software an all-in-one platform for a site that would live up to users’ expectations, and keep up with the industry trends. A great range of features, multilevel membership system, customizable interface and professional templates make SkaDate the right solution for your successful business.