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SkaDate Dating Software Presents: Online Dating January Roundup

SkaDate Dating Software Presents: Online Dating January Roundup


SkaDate Dating Software Blog is here to remind everyone that we’ve successfully passed January – the first month of supposedly last year ever for all of us. Nice, people, we made it. Achievement well earned, moving on. But before doing that, let’s look at the top 10 online dating stories from last month and see what we might have collectively missed. As always, our own January posts are at the bottom of the page.

1. Online Dating at Its Peak

And… we basically pick up right where we left off last month. Remember, December (and the New Year’s Eve in particular) became one of the best times of the year for the industry in terms of rough numbers. Well, apparently it was only the beginning, as the growth will continue to soar for at least a couple more weeks.

Indeed, Christmas to Valentine’s Day is officially the peak season for Internet matchmaking, and the perfect time to start online dating business. It is thus not a coincidence than that we’ve published not one, but two posts that can help any beginning dating site owner with a copy of SkaDate dating scrip on hand. See How to Start Online Dating Business (The Right Way) and SkaDate Dating Software: Getting Started.

2. Best Times for Online Dating

If you miss out on the peak season, but still want to know when’s the best time to launch an online dating site, just turn for help to OkCupid. They’ve provided a helpful reference list (published over at Village Voice), showing which days in 2011 were the best and worst for online dating.

Obviously most big holidays made the cut (including the New Year and Independence Day), but there were some surprises along the way. The night of Osama Bin Laden’s death? Huge. Go figure…

3. iDate SuperConference in Miami

One of the most important industry events of the year took place in Miami in late January. Dan Slater, the author of the upcoming book about online dating business, described the gathering best: “Everyone thinks they’ve got a line on the future, a special sauce that will really “hit” in the coming year. It’s going to be all about free dating! Paid dating! Users want more privacy! Less privacy! It’s about leveraging the social graph! The interest graph!” 

Oh, and SkaDate continues to be the Alfred Hitchcock of iDate Awards (with 3 Finalist Nominations and 0 Wins for Best Dating Software Provider so far), while the elusive prize went to WhiteLabelDating once again. But if you want to know about real advantages and disadvantages of running a white label site, do read our post SkaDate Dating Software vs White Label Dating Solutions.

4. Online Dating Sites to Face Stricter Rules?

One of the issues discussed at the conference was deceptive dating tactics and other instances of fraud related to online dating. Even the Department of Homeland Security made an appearance, giving more weight to the issue.

As a result, the government and industry reps now consider installing new stricter regulations to protect customers. However, some see the additional rules as possible invasion of clients’ online privacy. The timing of this topic couldn’t have been any better, as it almost coincided with the widespread SOPA protest, which we also covered in our post SkaDate Dating Software Explains SOPA Danger.

5. The Real Success Story

I honestly think we don’t get enough of those really inspiring success stories in our business. But when we do, they are usually written exceptionally by Jeff Kauflin. Last month we’ve got one in Business Insider about founder Gary Kremen. This time Kauflin went even further back in time and wrote about Dan Bender, who came up with in 1995. Great read!

6. More Interesting Ideas

January was not an exception in terms of new trends and ideas for original online dating sites and services. The most promising and prominent of those was – and ingenious combination of regular online dating mechanics and the LinkedIn professional database.  On the other hand we have HorsieHotties with an iPhone App for equestrian singles… Brilliant isn’t it, eh?

7. Microsoft and Apple Weird Match

Speaking of iPhones and other things Apple. Cupidtino, the company that runs an online dating service for Apple fans was revealed to be run by two former Microsoft employees. Oh, the irony. Well, at least they are not from Android… Anyway, iPhone apps are now all the rage in Internet dating, so check out our post on the topic – SkaDate Dating Software: Mobile Edition Explained.

8. Scientific Study of Online Dating Success

You know you’ve reached a certain major milestone, when PhD students pick your area of work as a study material. That just happen – online dating is now officially (or rather scientifically) recognized successful, as two Drexel University students published a PhD analysis on the matter.

9.  What’s In A Name?

And we are finally off to the silly territory. Two more (completely unrelated) studies appeared on the net this month, both looking into the name games. Guess what, if your site is populated by Kevins, Justins and Mandies, you better hurry and get more Jacobs, Emmas and Charlottes over, because those are truly popular for online dating and will draw a bigger crowd.

10. Date The Girl, Jason!

It’s online and it’s a plea for a date, so we just couldn’t resist the awesomeness…


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