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SkaDate Dating Software Presents: Online Dating June Roundup

by Zima

SkaDate Dating Software Presents: Online Dating June RoundupUsually June is kind of a slow month when it comes to news, but not in 2012. As you will see in the regular SkaDate Dating Software Roundup bellow, the month was surprisingly insightful with regards to all the open and behind-the-curtain developments in our industry.

But of course, all of that doesn’t mater. Perhaps the most significant news all year came from Mila Kunis. She said she’d be all over online dating… if she wasn’t this famous. You see, the whole industry could try for ages convincing regular folks to join in on all the fun, but in reality all it takes is one word of a Jewish Ukrainian beauty. Just like always…

Enjoy the slideshow and check SkaDate June posts bellow.

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