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Online Dating October Roundup

Online Dating October Roundup


by Zima

Online Dating October Roundup

At least there was no Saw...

October 2011 will go down in history as a month marked with major international natural disasters, the end of the Steve Jobs era, and of course the Occupy Everything events across the globe.  That sounds appropriately grim for a Halloween month, but there were plenty of good news too.  The second season of The Walking Dead made its way to our televisions, Beyonce released Countdown, and the plans for a new Arrested Development mini-season were announced by creator Mitch Hurwitz.

More importantly, October was exceptionally good for online dating in general, and the industry in particular. Read on our monthly SkaDate Dating Software Roundup and find out what you might have missed. As always, the list of all SkaDate blog posts from October is at the bottom of the page.

First off, I want all of us to collectively breath a sign of relief, as most business analysts still predict a rosy future for online dating, despite some concerns about the current  economic climate.

Look, China continues its winning march by pairing with Eastern Path, iDate holds more global events (this time in Poland), while David Teten, the Founder and Chairman of Harvard Business School Angles of New York says outright that “some of the successful online dating startups are models for new businesses.” You hear that? We are on the right track. (Check out our posts Run Your Business From Home. With Love for more direct encouragement on our part).

Online Dating October Roundup

Never take candy from strangers! Only Cash.

Now, one way to get to that success is to follow the latest trends. And while most of them were September carryovers (like the popularity of Christian dating), October still gave us a resurgence of a few unexpected ideas. Of course I’m talking primarily about the ‘sugar daddy‘ phenomenon. The accomplishment of several of such thematic websites dominated the news this month.,, and all bragged about increasing numbers, as well as becoming preferred platforms for finding a sugar date. Apparently this is the ‘IT‘ of online dating now, so take note. Also, with SugarsTube reporting an average of 1,260 sugar singles making a match every day, I wonder if the crisis talks were slightly exaggerated. (For reasons why unconventional sites are always in demand, check our post The Secret Success of Ridiculous Sites).

More familiar trends that are still on the rise include running websites employing group and double-date mechanics, as well as other youthful technology-heavy networks like FlavorConnect, targeting 18-24 year-old singles. At the same time, The New York Times featured a story revealing that Americans aged 55 and older visit dating sites more than any other age groups. No headlines about the in-between population appeared in my mailbox this month, so maybe it’s time to start considering the needs of this lost generation.

Let’s delve into more numbers for a moment, since plenty of statistics were published in October. For instance, dating website found out that currently every fifth person finds a long-term partner online, while every sixth finds a spouse. BBC World Service survey said that more than 20 percent of all Americans now think the Internet is a good tool for finding a suitable math for a marriage. That number increases to almost 30 on the global scale.

The trust in online dating sites is easy to understand. RSVP, Australian largest online dating service for singles, claims that every tenth couple in the country met through its site, resulting in 3 percent of all local marriages. In a similar study, the Jewish dating giant JDate, revealed that, eHarmony, and JDate itself, each facilitated more than 10 percent of all marriages by Jewish Internet users since 2003, with the latter being responsible for a whooping 52 percent!

And the market is far from being saturated. Yet another research shows that in New York alone 54 percent of the entire population is still single. The situation is even better (for a lack of word) in DC, where the figure is 74 percent. In general, 20 million people are busy dating online every month. Indeed, we have work to do… (Essential Tools for Running a Dating Site might be helpful).

Online Dating October Roundup

Yeah... Just don't feed it.

All of that busy activity might seem like an overkill. So don’t rush. In the words of the recent Dragon Den addition Bruce Croxon, “Focus, focus, focus. The entrepreneurial tendency is to assume you can handle everything. Having too much on the go at once, that’s the kiss of death”. You know why Croxon’s words are important to us? Because he’s the co-founder of Lavalife, which he sold in 2004, making cool $100 million in the process.

Croxon wan’t the only celebrity linked to online dating in October. Reality stars Kerry Katona and Carrie Ann Inaba both dived head-first into the virtual pool, while Jack Black sold an online dating sitcom idea to NBC. At the same time Howard Stern himself was drafted to advertise, an online dating website that also claims to do more good to society by coming up with actual scientific research. The topic? Why, the reason for the Ashton and Demi Breakup. And we are not even kidding here. But if we were, here is a helpful post explaining How to Deal with Trolls. Welcome to November everyone!

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