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SkaDate Dating Software Online Dating Roundup: October 9 – 12

SkaDate Dating Software Online Dating Roundup: October 9 – 12


SkaDate Dating Software Online Dating Roundup: October 9-12In this SkaDate Dating Software roundup: fresh ideas for online dating sites, emerging trends in offering personal services, and newfound power of mobile dating apps. Similar info has already helped many admins running sites powered by SkaDate dating script boost their traffic, rise profits, and get returning members. Don’t forget to tell us about your own site; we’d love to hear your story and highlight it on our blog.

Introducing New Dating Dynamics (Huffington Post)
Will Tungpagasit, Ready Tandem Founder: “People are a lot more at ease when they’re with someone they know, and so we wanted to build a site that leverages that, it’s like a casual meetup instead of a direct one-on-one online dating meetup.”

Mobile Dating Keeps Singles Connected 24/7 (IT News)
Kevin Johnson, Director of Operations: “…the core of the experience is connecting with like-minded others, and we put those connections at our members’ fingertips, allowing singles to check their mailboxes throughout the day, keeping them linked into our community from anywhere at any time.”

Online Dating Gets Game Treatment (CNET)
David Semerad, The Game Creator: “Players must continually interact with others. Otherwise, they risk being kicked out. But those who do keep playing will get one new potential partner each day. As players become familiar with each other, they can decide to take their conversation offline, or even to meet in person.”

Online Romance Service for Busy Students (Chicago Tribune)
Melanie Wallner,  Public Relations Director: “Know your needs: If you want a relationship, don’t waste time on the emotionally unavailable flirt down the hall.”

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