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SkaDate Dating Software Online Dating Roundup: September 25 – 28

SkaDate Dating Software Online Dating Roundup: September 25 – 28


SkaDate Dating Software Online Dating Roundup: September 25 - 28In today’s SkaDate Dating Software digest we’ve got the latest online dating industry news, a look at a possible dating-politics crossover, an obligatory research report, as well as the always popular sampling of entertainment posts from across the Internet.

There are also a couple of more serious articles that could be useful for SkaDate dating script owners. Use them as tips in communicating with your site members, and read the rest of the digest to see what happened in the world of online dating in the last couple of days.

Online Dating Industry to Continue Booming (Forces Penpals)

Rebekah Devlin, Adelaide Now: “How long would it take you in the real world to meet 700 single guys who are in your city, roughly the right age group and your sexual orientation?”

Things Worth Warning Dating Sites Members About (CBS)

Ralph Gagliardi, CBI Agent-In-Charge: “Victims clean out their bank accounts, victims cash in 401k’s, they cash in stocks, they refinance their homes.”

Scottish Cupid to Expand Business in the US (The Next Web)

Bill Dobbie, Cupid CEO: “This has been in planning for most of this year. We’ve been experimenting with this service in the UK and Australia while we built up the U.S. database.”

NFA Lost Bid on Domain to Gay Dating Site (The Inquirer)

Baltimore-based owners group press release:”As many states continue to pass gay marriage laws with the support of President Barack Obama, will be well positioned to take advantage of the continued growth in the gay dating sector.”

Extra Protection for Online Dating Singles (Broadcast Newsroom)

Press Release: “The RealHelp App, built to protect users from rape, abuse, and more, can come in particularly handy for users of online dating… Of course, daters should always make sure that a few people know who they’ll be with and where they’ll be going ahead of any date; whether they met online or not. RealHelp is just one step of security over that.”

Online Dating Site Pits Democrats vs. Republicans in a Beauty Contest (Herald)

Greg Hodge, Managing Director of “It’s no secret that politicians can be disingenuous, however this election season has seen a litany of falsehoods from both parties. We asked voters to get past the flawed characters of our political officials and vote purely on aesthetics — that Sarah Palin took top spot clearly indicates voters were able to do just that.”



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