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Online Dating September Roundup

by Zima

Online Dating September Roundup

Just how I feel.

I have to confess – I never ‘got’ September. It’s not quite autumn yet, but it is also definitively not as exiting as any given summer day. It’s a month stuck in between two prolonged holiday seasons and it shows. Maybe it’s my flu medicine talking, but reading through September headlines I got the feeling that the industry doesn’t know how to handle September as well. Sure, we’ve got a bunch of obligatory business reports and scam horror stories, but in general the news were filled with contradictory and sometimes totally crazy items. Oh, hey, Online Dating is the new Hollywood! Here’s SkaDate Dating Software September Roundup. See if you’ve missed anything.

To get you into appropriate mood I’ll start with a heartwarming story about an Australian girl, who loves online dating so much she is turning it into a competitive sport. Apparently she goes on 14 dates per week, which saves a lot of money on her favorite pancakes. This proves that the market is far from saturated. Because being able to find new partners after 56 dates in a single month means only one thing – either  you can’t keep up with booming subscription rates, or they make the best pancakes ever in Melbourne.

By the way, do you know what happens to people who regularly eat a lot of pancakes? They get ‘curvy’. Site owners take note. This new niche is yet to be fully exploited, but White Label has a head start by launching CurveLoveDating. Want another niche idea? Trophy Dates! MTD Online Ventures tested the waters last month with MyTrophyDate, and the idea seems to be taking off nicely.

Generally speaking, finding a perfect niche means a lot in our line of business. While we can help dating site owners with a lot of practical stuff, like the SkaDate dating script itself, as well as design (Avoiding Common Web Design Mistakes), monetization options (Turn It Into Cash), and even Terms of Use writing (The Importance of Terms of Use/Service), niche selection is the process best left to the client.

Back to Trophy Dates. You know who’d make a perfect spokesperson for the service? Madonna. Alas this seems like an opportunity permanently missed, since the 53-year-old singer is being seriously courted by to the tune of one million dollars. All the pop legend has to do is come up with one well received song and video for the dating site. Yeah, I see a problem here.

Let’s switch gears and see all the new data acquired in September. After all, numerous studies tell us that apart from matching people up, dating sites are primarily known for coming up with all sorts of weird researches. For instance, a few weeks ago OKCupid revealed that if a dater (especially a woman) is too good looking, their chances of being lucky on a dating site are slim. Ouch.

But wait. A totally unrelated experiment in the University of Tampa shows quite the opposite. A profile with a picture of a perfect-looking girl attracted three times as much attention as that of a ‘normal’ one, despite such additional attributes as the preference in dating exclusively single parents, being a Wiccan, collecting marbles, and having six cats one of which is called Satan.

Online Dating September Roundup

The difference between love and sex.

So we are back to square one with this one. But what about men? Was there anything unrealistically surprising revealed about them? You bet. A study by the dating site tells us that men consistently place the opportunity to fall in love over the opportunity to have sex. The gap between the two is measured in money (that’s the site’s premise). The difference between love and sex? 75 bucks. 

Perhaps, this result shows one of the reasons why women place Honesty outside the list of top three qualities women want in a man. That’s according to yet another September study, this time by a Russian dating site ElenaModels. Intelligence came second, so that might be another reason.

Speaking of Russia. Their most recognized matchmaker and the host of a TV show called ‘Marry Me’ was among presenters at the Moscow Online Dating Conference in late September. The importance of any iDate event should not be underestimated by dating site owners or software developers like us. As outlined in our post from September 8, iDate Online Dating Industry Awards will be held in Miami in January, and all of us still have a chance to be nominated.

Although, looking at the latest trends, I have to question the choice of a conference presenter, who tries to get people married on live TV. Take UK for instance. Last month a cheating-spouses website UndercoverLovers reported an insane increase of 150% in sign-ups. Marry Me? I think not.

I’m kidding of course. Trends are what they are – a reflection of what’s popular at the moment. Let’s see now. New York’s Todayter started offering services based on the members’ immediate availability. After the sign up you can indicate that you are up for a date this very evening. I guess that’s understandable, what’s with the Big Apple’s population never having time for a proper online romance.

Another trend was set by Grouper. As you can guess from the name, that’s one more blind date concept with a twist. Going out in groups! I wonder what could go wrong here? Or how about lookalike dating? offers you just that – the ability to date someone who looks just like you. OK, this one treads dangerously close to creepy territory for me, so let’s find something more peaceful. Like…

Christian dating sites are taking off all over the place. Single Christian Network,, Catholic Mingle, Christian Connection, Big Church, etc. I’d say this is one of the major trends right now, as the niche was seriously under-served until recently. We also acknowledged this fact by looking into benefits of various dating site formats (including religious dating), and also by giving our clients the opportunity to chose the next batch of SkaDate-produced free dating site templates. The poll is still open, so vote away!


The more I think about it, the more I realize that with Madonna’s luggage she can represent virtually any dating site there is. I would even pay good money to see her sing about FindYourFacemate. OK, time to take my meds again. You know, Fever…

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