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SkaDate Presents Online Dating Statistics and Interesting Facts

SkaDate Presents Online Dating Statistics and Interesting Facts


by Zima

What? She’s a scientist and researcher, OK?!

Have you ever wondered what international market to tap with your website powered by the SkaDate Dating Software? What about social, demographic, or economic characteristics? Who are the people that are willing to give you their hard earned money and where to find them? We have the research data to help you.

When it comes to online dating, most business is done (unsurprisingly) in North America, and more specifically the US. The surprise comes with the realization that while 40 million Americans use online dating services, Canadians actually spend more time online dating than users from any other country.

The European numbers are comparable with those of the US, with over 38 million users visiting dating sites every month.  Interestingly, the European country most versed in virtual matchmaking is not the UK, as one might expect, but Italy. It has almost 3.5 million users visiting online personals every month. The UK comes only fourth (with 1.7 million) behind the aforementioned Italy, Spain and Germany, but ahead of France.

At the same time, the top five European markets combined have less monthly users than India alone, where the trend is catching up fast. In 2011 the online dating usage in that country has escalated to around 15 million. Quite impressive.

But business aside, nothing comes close to the number of people using dating services in China. Take 40 million American daters, add 38 million Europeans and 15 million users from India, and the result will still be a fraction of 140 million Chinese fueling the online dating boom.  Is anyone thinking about turning that number into real money yet?

Now let’s look into user characteristics. As you’d expect men are more interested in online dating than women. Although the difference in actual numbers is quite small – only 4.8% (52.4% for men and 47.6% for women). The average online dating age in America is 48, although 45% of the entire population of the country over the age of 18 are unmarried.

Marital status, though, does not play a significant role in online dating. 11% of all daters are married, and staggering 51% are already in a relationship. Only 21% of dating service users consider themselves truly single. And speaking of marriage…

Did you know that a third of all marriages end within 10 years? True, it is sad statistics, but for online dating sites it’s also good news, since the pool of singles is being constantly replenished by the fresh divorcees. Think of it this way – while there are sites that do facilitate infidelity, most work towards giving people another chance at making their love life better.

Now, if you are afraid to start online dating business out of fear for competition (especially from the multi-million giants like or eHarmony), think again. Research data shows that only 19% of all daters use one single website to satisfy their needs. Another 19% use two, and 9% use three or more.

That’s a huge number when you convert it to real people. And we are talking about those already in the game, while the potential is there to attract even more singles from the 39% pool of those who have yet to try online dating services.

Fascinating info, isn’t it? But that’s exactly why online dating is now a billion dollar industry, and is even bigger than porn. The door is still open for both, startups with aspirations of global domination and smaller niche websites for local communities – all you need is a clever idea and some tools like SkaDate dating script.

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