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Couple of weeks ago, SkaDate Dating Software has already shared with you some tips concerning dating websites promotion. Hope that you have learned the lesson and applied those techniques in practice. Probably you was creative enough to invent your own promotional ways – that’s great, but I want you to be warned about some risks. Today I will tell you about things you should never do if you don’t want people to turn off your site.

  1. Don’t try to fool search engines. If it seems that you found a genial way to cheat robots and generate a high traffic with no or little effort, don’t delude yourself. First, search engine robots are complicated mechanisms and they have are a lot of criteria to determine whether your website is good enough to be high-ranked. Even if your “innovative” way works for some time, finally it will be banned from organic search for a long period or forever. I’m not kidding, there is almost no way back, if you get into black list.
  2. When choosing keywords for your site optimization, use only those ones which are relevant to your content. Otherwise, you decrease your chances to get new registered users as long as they are not your target audience, and in addition you miss your real potential clients and take risk to be penalized by search engines. When picking up a keyword, take into account not only number of queries, but also competition highness: less popular but targeted word might be more effective.
  3. Don’t duplicate anything from other websites. Search engines appreciate unique content and penalize websites for copy-pasted texts. If you still want to refer to a third-party text, provide a link. From the other side, your original and interesting content can generate links and result in higher ranking.
  4. Never put hidden (very small, filled in with background color or located behind an image) keywords on your website. Search engines are aware about this trick and it’s a direct violation of Google’s Webmaster guidelines.
  5. Don’t annoy people by sending SPAM. It refers to mass mailing, intrusive posting on social networks and “bombing” forums and popular blogs. You may ruin your chances from the very beginning: people will be rejected by your promotion tactics, even if your site is the best one in dating industry. Moreover, they can block you and never see your absolutely unique and fascinating new post. Try to catch the attention by your content, don’t beg for it.
  6. Never be too interfering when asking for link exchange, you may be reported and banned. In case if you are constantly refused, think about  relevance of your content and popularity, work on it harder and look for other potential barters.
  7. Don’t give links to irrelevant websites, search engines may consider it as links selling and ban your site. On the other hand, relevant link building is crucially important and results in better ranking.

And the last one important thing: never forget to visit SkaDate Dating Software blog. Take care and see you soon.

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