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SkaDate Dating Software Promotion Tips: SEO vs PPC

SkaDate Dating Software Promotion Tips: SEO vs PPC

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skadate dating software seo vs ppcPreviously we have covered SEO and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising strategies. Both of them are effective for promotion of your dating site, powered by SkaDate Dating Software, but each strategy has its own pros and cons. Let us take a closer look at differences between them.

Time and effort.

SEO takes a lot of time and effort. You need to develop a high-quality textual content, including relevant keywords, and place them on your site smartly. The content should be not only SEO-friendly, but also relevant and useful for users. Even if all these requirements are fulfilled, it may take months before your site gets first-page Google ranking for your important keywords.

PPC model in comparison with SEO strategies guarantee fast and considerable effect. Even if your website is very new, unknown and not indexed in search results, your ads still have good chances to attract your target audience and begin building a database of members.


Compared to PPC, SEO is a cost-saving solution. Of course, site optimization requires some expenses, but they these are mostly one-time fees, decreasing as the time goes. Later you will need to just maintain the textual content.

With PPC each click will cost you money – high commercial traffic always means high costs, so before launching a PPC advertising campaign estimate your cost-revenue rate very carefully.

Control over content and search results position

PPC gives you a full control over advertisement content – you can change ad text or site content at any time and it will not affect your site’s position in search results.

When you deal with Search Engine Optimization, changing website’s content causes shifts in your search engine ranking. If your website has a regularly updated content (I mean changing existing articles, not adding new ones), most likely it will have a negative impact on your organic results.


Research shows that people demonstrate more trust for organic search results rather than for paid ads. Serious businesses also tend to give more value to natural search results as opposed to sponsored links.

It’s not so easy to make a decision in favor of one of these promotion methods and most likely it’s not necessary. The best way to promote your dating site, is to combine both of them. Still the final decision depends on your desires and opportunities.

Your are welcome to leave your comments and share your personal experience with other readers of SkaDate Dating Software blog.

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