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SkaDate Dating Software Roundup: October 31 – November 2

SkaDate Dating Software Roundup: October 31 – November 2


SkaDate Dating Software Roundup: October 31 - November 2In today’s SkaDate Dating Software digest:  Queen Sofia of Spain gets involved in a notorious case featuring dating site advertisement, big names compete in online dating business, while  UK’s largest internet dating company is exposed of creating fake profiles to make users pay for the service.

As always, several news items about specific and exclusive niches will be of special use for admins running their sites on SkaDate dating script. For instance, largest dating platform in China has recently presented a new site for marriage-minded-singles, self-explanatory Date My School has been gradually gaining momentum and popularity, while busy professionals started considering online dating as an  outsource service to find equal matches.

Investing in Online Dating: The Biz Behind Big Names (Daily Finance)
Even if online dating isn’t your thing, you can’t leave your TV on for more than five minutes without seeing a ad. Yet there has been little discussion about online dating as a stock investment opportunity.

Queen Sofia Sues Ashley Madison Over Photoshopped Picture (Daily News)
Queen Sofia is reportedly taking legal action against the American website Ashley Madison for “damage to her honor and dignity.”

Global Personals Faked Profiles to Increase Profit (Channel 4 News)
Global Personals is one of the UK’s largest internet dating companies hired staff to trick customers into handing over more money – abusing their personal details in the process.

New Dating Website for Marriage-Minded Chinese (Sacramento Bee)
Wu Linguang, Co-CEO of Jiayuan: “A growing number of Chinese singles place a premium on simplicity and verified personal information… Our platform will continue to offer Chinese singles convenient access to the largest pool of singles looking for serious relationships…”

Date My School is Gaining Momentum and Prouds Its Exclusivity (Roundupdaily)
Date My School gains popularity by connecting college students to other college students across the nation and at their own school. Edgar Tovar, NMSU student said, “I think it’s something normal nowadays. I’ve done it. I know a couple of friends that have done it too. I think it’s the same as meeting people at a club or a party.”

Outsourcing in Dating Saves Time for Busy Professionals (Herald Sun)
Trudi Gilbert, Elite Introductions Director & Founder: “Executives or high earners tend to want someone who is also financially secure, who has had their own success and who is intelligent, well traveled, well read, healthy, confident and adventurous.”

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