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Run Your Business From Home. With Love.

Run Your Business From Home. With Love.


by Zima

Run Your Business From Home

See what the Wall Street did to him? No wait, that was cocaine.

Have you looked at the news lately? With all the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protests going on, it seems that we are all collectively heading to a turning point of what’s really expected from the government and corporations by the regular people.  It feels like the dystopian future of countries managed by major conglomerates dawns ever closer. Uh, but what’s the connection with the SkaDate Dating Software? Well…

If we are to free ourselves from the corporate and state dependency, perhaps it is time to start planning a future where financial security lies entirely in our own hands. Running a dating site from the comfort of your home, without the baggage of boring day jobs and cranky bosses, is a very real and viable start. This wont change the system, sure, but it can give you a cushion to fall back on, or pay for a Guy Fawkes mask and a trip to New York, at the very least.

Mind you, I’m not saying quit your job now and make thousands tomorrow. We are not in Nigeria and immediate cash showers is something we don’t typically promise or promote. Still, last time I checked, over 30% of all Internet users were single, and even with the outside chance that many of them will start dating during demonstrations this week, the potential market will remain pretty damn huge.

All of these people need to be served. Embarking on an adventure of running an independent full-time business right from your home can achieve that. And yet, as with any serious enterprise, the success will depend on your love, devotion and commitment to the thing you do.

I could have told you right here that SkaDate dating script is developed using magic beans, and once you run it, the stream of checks in the mail will never end. Alas, that’s not entirely true. But if you are ready to put some real effort into building a home-grown dating empire, you will definitely find success. Don’t believe me? Take a look at our Portfolio – most (if not all) of the sites there are full-time independent businesses. All of them are flourishing.

Of course you might want to start an online dating site as a part-time job or even hobby. Many do it to get the hang of it before fully embracing the life of a startuper. The affordability of such a project greatly reduces risks and the immediate pressure of an off-line business launch. Plus, we’ll be there to help just in case.

The simple truth to remember is that hard work gradually brings you one step closer to success and always pays in the end. The true determination, coupled with patience, persistence, and a little inventiveness leads to amazing things.

So next time you look at the news and see all those people on the Wall Street, take a cue and draft a business plan for opening a social or dating site ‘Occupy Wall Street Dating’. It’ll be a win-win situation for everyone really.

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