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Scheduled SkaDate iOS Application Update

SkaDate iOS Mobile Dating App

Time to Go Mobile with SkaDate Mobile Dating AppsThe first of two promised bi-annual updates for SkaDate iOS application is finally here! After collecting user-feedback for the last 10 months or so, we are ready to give you a substantially improved app.

We attempted not to go overboard and fix something that isn’t broken. Thus we saved as much of the original look and feel of the SkaDate iOS mobile dating app as possible. This means, that all the major work was done under the hood of the app, making it faster, smoother, and more reliable. Ripples of the introduced minor fixes will be felt everywhere – from User Search to Guest List, from Sign-In to My Matches, and from Hot List to Bookmarks, etc.

One major visible change in the iOS application is the long-requested option to switch between conversations and a full-fledged mailbox. This makes in-app interactions even more intuitive and accessible, since now it is completely up to users to choose their preferred communication mode.

SkaDate iOS Mobile Dating App Chat and Mail

Notice how easy it is now to choose between chatting and emailing.

These recent changes are continuing the theme of the Summer 2015, as we encourage you to Go Mobile and start making money with your applications. Check out our last blog post, where we explain the best way to monetize SkaDate mobile dating apps using the In-app Purchase option (available after app customization). Also, make sure to on the general benefits of running mobile app dating business.

If you haven’t tried SkaDate iOS Mobile Dating App, see it in action with our Demo and get on-board with the rest of webmasters, who already employ it as a promotional and monetization tool! There’s only one day left until the end of our GO MOBILE SUMMER SALE, so use this opportunity now, and get SkaDate Mobile Dating Apps with an additional discount.