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SEO Tips from SkaDate Dating Software: Choosing keywords, part I

SEO Tips from SkaDate Dating Software: Choosing keywords, part I

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When you have purchased SkaDate Dating Script for starting online dating business, defined your website conception, chosen a relevant domain name and beautiful design, the next important issue is how to make people know about your network. The most apparent and logical answer is “through search engines!” It’s not a secret that your online venture success mostly determined by its ranking position in search results. Top positions lead to high traffic, tons of advertisers and considerable income. So you should do your best to make your site search-engine-friendly by addressing tools and methods of Search Engine Optimization.
SEO – is the practice of attracting people to your site from search engines based on their principles of work and on what users mostly search. The vital step in this complex process is selecting the right keywords for your site to be found in the Internet.

Think like a customer.
‘Keywords’ is what a user types in the search field hoping to find a relevant match to his anticipations in search results. So, to begin the appropriate keywords research, put yourself into your prospective customer’ shoes. Ask yourself what words or phrases would you use looking for an online community like yours. Don’t forget also to ask another people about that: your friends and colleagues, for instance.
Remember the word combinations you used searching for your competitors. Take into consideration the geographic language peculiarities (the British ‘flat’ vs. traditional American ‘apartment’). Critically explore the list of ideas you’ll have. It makes sense to use keyword combinations (phrases) besides single keywords, as generally users can’t define what they look for in just one word. But don’t forget that a keyword phrase should not have more than 3-5 main words.

  • Useful tip: Creating a keyword list, include common misspellings too, particularly when it comes to words with problematic orthography.

Quantity vs. quality
After completion of a keywords list, test them on search engines. Type a word combination (say, ‘dating site’) and see how many results you have. Lots. Well, you have discovered the popular keyword combination… and a huge number of competitors as a ‘makeweight’.
Check out the top 10 sites appearing in search results. I bet they have hundreds of pages and in all likelihood thousands of incoming links. This means that it will require not less than those hundreds of pages developed and thousands of links attained by you, if you want to beat the competition.
If you are just beginner in online dating business, don’t forget that ‘it’s better to be first in a little Iberian village than second in Rome’, so begin with more specific keywords rather than broad ones. Specific keywords will bring you fewer visitors, it’s obvious. But anyway they will give you much more chances to reach top ranking positions. Another benefit of such ’specification’ is that your visitors are significantly more targeted as compared to broad keywords attracting lots of ‘occasional guests’. So using, let say, a ‘pet lovers dating site’ instead of a ‘dating site’ keyword combination drastically cuts down competition and rises your chances to attract some really interested potential members into your online community.

  • Useful tip: If your business is geographically targeted, be sure to include your location to the keywords list. This will increase your competitiveness on the targeted market and avoid senseless waste of finances.

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