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SkaDate Dating Software SEO Tips: Essential DOs and DON’Ts

SkaDate Dating Software SEO Tips: Essential DOs and DON’Ts

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SEO dos-and-donts from SkaDate Dating SoftwareHello, everyone! SkaDate Dating Software continues sharing with you SEO tips. Hope, you have already chosen appropriate keywords for your dating site and have inserted meta tags into your web page source code. If you didn’t, take a look at previous posts, there is a detailed explanation of the whole process there. In todays post I want you to pay attention to some things you should and should not do for better site promotion.


  • Make sure that you have included all applicable keywords, selected for search engines, into your website content. Don’t forget, that the keyword density should not be higher than 5-10%
  • Look through your site and find out all broken or irrelevant links. Get rid of them ASAP.
  • For some important information like names, links and more, use text rather than images. Google bots don’t  identify text on images.
  • Every page of your site should be reachable from at least  one static text link.
  • Be careful with affiliate programs and avoid using the same textual content as other web resources do since it will no longer considered as unique by search engines and it will never get high ranking.
  • Be attentive using other’s business’ trademarks among your keywords. It’s fraught with legal issues in regards to possible deceiving the prospective users.


  • Don’t go for Black Hat SEO or attempts to improve ranking by means of deception: don’t overload pages with irrelevant keywords and don’t use link farms – a group of websites containing plenty of hyperlinks to each other.
  • Don’t use programs sending automatic queries to Google
  • Don’t insert invisible keywords or links on your website. I mean don’t use for them the same color as for background, search engine robots recognize this trick and it leads to penalty from Google.
  • Never duplicate content. Rewrite it, if you still need to have similar articles on different site pages.
  • Don’t use cloaking (showing different content for Google spiders and usual users)
  • Don’t create pages intended for search engine bots only.

These simple suggestions should help you avoid common mistakes, leading to bad consequences, and build a SEO-friendly dating site, powered by SkaDate Dating Script. You are welcome to leave your comments.

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