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SkaDate Dating Software SEO Tips: Submitting your URL and Sitemap

SkaDate Dating Software SEO Tips: Submitting your URL and Sitemap

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seo_target480x300-480x260Let’s review all the steps you were supposed to do for your site Search Engine Optimization. Hope that you have read all SkaDate Dating Software SEO Tips carefully and successfully applied the theory to practice. Now, you have chosen relevant keywords for your site, have inserted meta tags into your web page source code, and probably have launched Pay Per Click advertising campaign (in case, if you found it appropriate for your business). Finally, your site is ready to be indexed by search engines. The final step you can do is submitting your dating site to search databases.

As soon as Google is a dominant player among all other search engines, we’ll take it as an example to show you what exactly you need to do in order to let search engines know about your site.

First of all, you need to introduce yourself by adding your site URL to Google, using this Google Webmaster Tool. The Google crawlers will find and index your site anyway, even if you don’t submit it. However, time is money, especially when it comes to business, so don’t loose it and make this process faster. Anyway, it will take no more than couple of minutes. Fortunately, it’s enough to do the submitting just once: even if you change the domain name, it will be tracked and updated automatically.

Next step is submitting your sitemap to Google. A sitemap is actually a list of your website’s pages, organized in top-to-down manner. It helps Google spiders to see your site’s structures and provide a considerably better indexation. Remember that once submitted, your sitemap becomes available not only for Google crawlers, but for users as well. You should make a decision whether you want to provide your competitors with these data or not.

In case, if you finally decide to submit your sitemap, use an integrated tool for automatic XML sitemap generation, which gives you an opportunity to get a map of your site structure just by one button click in the Admin Panel. This tool was developed for easier SEO-optimization by SkaDate Dating Software professional developers.

Some more sitemap tips:

  • If your site is small, you may list all the pages on the sitemap, but if it has hundreds pages, don’t do that. The crawler may consider it as a link farm and quit.
  • It’s suggested to have no more than 25-40 links on your sitemap.
  • It’s good if our links contain keywords whenever possible and link to the relevant page.
  • Check your links before submitting and delete all broken links.

Submitting your sitemap doesn’t guarantee immediate high position like any other SEO method. It just one of the components, affecting your ranking. Most probably, you are interested what exactly Google ranking algorithm consist of. Many people ask this question, but I’m afraid that Google staff members are the only people who know that for sure. We can just give you some tips, which used to work well in previous experience. Think carefully, test, make experiments and observe results – this is the most effective way to beat competitors and get top positions in search results. And don’t forget to share your experience and leave your comments.

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