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SkaDate Dating Software 11.3 is out

SkaDate Dating Software 11.3 is out


Hi guys!

It hasn’t been long since last SkaDate Dating Software release, but we are ready to push another one out!  This time, though, we are going small-scale – fixing a couple of pesky bugs here and there, and adding some handy improvements across the platform. Hey, not all releases have to be huge, right? To see the list of all the SkaDate 11.3 changes, makes sure to check the changelog here.

Speaking of which, remember our last major software update (SkaDate 11.2)? That’s the one where we introduced a couple of very cool features for SkaDate Mobile Dating Apps – namely, Flurry Analytics and Google AdMob for placing ads within your apps.

Just so you know, we’ve added two detailed articles about both new features to our blog, so make sure to check that out. After all, SkaDate remains the only solution on the market of dating software and apps providers, that allows effectively track analytics and improves mobile app monetization!

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