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SkaDate 11.4 SEO Plus Released

SkaDate 11.4 SEO Plus Released

Vital Update Information for Current Clients

Attention! Please make sure to update your platform first, before updating any of the plugins. Doing otherwise will lead to a FATAL ERROR on your site. Plugins can be updated only if your platform version is 1.8.4. Contact our support team if you have any questions.

SkaDate SEO Plus


The new version of SkaDate Dating Software is here, and this time we made a strong emphasis on promotion – a vital element of any online business. In this sense search engines remain the main source of traffic for most business-oriented sites in the world, online dating including.

In previous posts we already mentioned that on top of other benefits we offer our customers Google Adwords services. Our team can provide you with top-notch settings for advertising campaigns, which will lead to effective engagement of paid traffic.

In the meantime you can use our brand new SEO tool (located in the Admin Panel / Settings / SEO section), which allows efficient management of on-page SEO tasks, responsible for oraganiс search traffic. Here are some of the options you get:

  • You can now set titles, meta descriptions, and keywords with predefined variables for all of your website pages;
  • Open Graph markings will make sure your site pages are properly displayed when shared through social media;
  • Now you can generate and set up a sitemap with multilanguage support. It’s no longer necessary to use third-party tools, which can’t always react to your site changes.

These and other enhancements will greatly reduce the amount of SEO errors on your site, allow easier analysis of site pages for search bots, as well as improve the way your site looks in search results and when shared through social media.
This new addition, coupled with our Basic SEO Setup service, will give you a ready, search engine optimized website. The only thing that you will have to do is fill it with interesting and unique content, and proceed with link building.

In view of our recent strategy shift, it is our priority to help our customers with online dating business promotion to the best of our abilities. The new SkaDate Dating Software release aims to do just that, allowing you to focus on other business goals without worrying about on-page SEO.

The full SkaDate 11.4 changelog with all new features and bug fixes can be found here.