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SkaDate 7.5.1933: Minor Fixes

We have released another build of SkaDate Dating Software – 7.5.1933. It doesn’t include new features, and is aimed at eliminating all those little imperfections that caused you and your members any inconveniences while using the site.

Find the list of fixes and improvements below:

  • Possibility for members to turn off/on the Friend Request notifications.

Surely not everyone wants to receive Friend Request notifications to their email addresses. For different reasons. We feel obliged to give your site members the right to choose.

  • Ajax Chat and IM query optimization.

We have slightly increased the intervals between Ajax Chat and IM queries to ease your server load.

  • Ajax Chat and IM smile set fix.

We have put the smile set in order. Now it looks just the way it should 🙂

  • Adjustments for IE 8.

A few more improvements to make SkaDate Dating Script performance flawless in Internet Explorer 8.

  • Possibility for members to prolong their paid membership type before the expiration date.

If your site member wants to take care of prolonging his paid membership before it expires, he can easily do that in advance.

  • DreamDate template improvements.

We have made our beautiful template even better by adding an inventory line, language selection box for members, a few keys and components.

  • Deleted Members thumbnail fix.

If your members happen to look through their mailbox conversation with a deleted member, they will now see a special ‘Deleted Member’ icon instead of just nothing (in Frefox) or a not-so-attractive red cross (in Internet Explorer)

  • MailBox: New Message notification fix.

If a member’s message gets caught by a spam-filter, the intended receipient will not see a notification about it on the site. We thnk this will help the users avoid confusion.

  • ‘Virtual Gifts’ component on the Profile View page improvement.

If your site users want to keep their virtual gifts to themselves, they can easily remove the ‘Virtual Gifts’ component from the Profile View page.

  • Video Upload: configuration of the max_filesize fix.

Before, if you changed the maximum allowed file size for uploaded videos, the system could still not allow you to uoload the desired video, because cache did not clear automatically. Now it does after every max_filesize customization, so you will face no more throubles with this.

  • RSS cache lifetime fix.

Checks and renews the third-party RSS feeds on a constant basis, thus keeping your content fresh and up-to-date.

  • Search by miles from a certain city/zip fix.

Your members can search by miles from zip with no more issues.

  • Photo view comments fix.

A member can now view the comments to his photos even if they are password-protected or ‘friends only’. We find that more than reasonable.

  • Latest Activity component improvements.

Your latest activity will now display friendly URLs if you choose to enable them on your site.

  • OpenInviter optimization.

We have taken over all the issues with inviting friends from Yahoo!.

  • Sitemap optimization.

Now your site will become even more SEO-friendly, because your sitemap finally can include friendly URLs.

  • Mouse cursor over the Facebook button fix.

That is just to show your site members that the Facebook invite button is actually clickable. The mouse cursor will indicate that.

  • Status line fix.

We totally think that every member has a right to leave his status line empty.

We can’t call this build feature-oriented. But it still contributes to making SkaDate Dating Software more stable, robust and user-friendly.

We hope you enjoy using our platform!