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SkaDate 7.5 – Major Upgrade from SkaDate Community and Dating Software

Skalfa Team is glad to announce launching a new version of SkaDate Dating Software – SkaDate 7.5 combining a powerful platform, a great set of essential and entertaining features and professional templates.

First of all, we would like to thank the members of our great SkaDate community who contributed to making SkaDate 7.5 what it is. The software improvement suggestions you made at suggest.skadate have formed the basis of this release bringing SkaDate dating script closer to perfection.

The following improvements and new features have been added within the release:

  • Internet Explorer 8 support
  • Virtual Gift Shop
  • User Points System
  • Music upload
  • Photo authentication tool
  • 123 Web Messenger
  • Mass-mailing to internal site mailboxes
  • Private and Public profile status
  • Uploaded photo rotate
  • Possibility to set the date for membership expiration notification
  • Limited search results
  • Possibility for members to delete a thumbnail
  • Enhanced search results navigation
  • Access to Private groups for a site moderator
  • Required fields on the Join form marked with an asterisk
  • New template
  • Improved existing templates

Internet Explorer 8 support:

SkaDate software optimization for IE8 has long been awated, as this browser is becoming more and more popular. We have worked on every possible detail to make SkaDate and IE8 perfectly compatible. Now you can enjoy flawless script performance in Enternet Explorer 7, 8 and Mozilla Firefox.

Virtual Gift Shop:

Now your site members have more fun ways to interact. A Virtual Gift Shop feature allows them to exchange graphic virtual gifts to express sympathy for each other. A member will be able to choose whether to display the virtual gifts he received on the Profile View page, or hide them. A site Administrator will be able to make this service free or available to paying members only. Site members will be able to buy gifst from the Virtual Shop with user points (credits).

User Points System:

Makes it a lot more comfortable for members to use such site services as Virtual Gift Shop. User points (or, credits) can be purchased from a site Administrator regardless of the membership type, and then spent on favorite site features and services. We are planning to continue improving this feature to make it a complete and user-friendly replacement for a Credits membership type.

Music Upload:

Here is another entertaining feature for your site members to enjoy their online dating experience – we have added a possibility to upload music files in MP3 format to a member’s profile. Site users can also rate their favorite music tracks, and comment on them.

Photo Verification Tool:

To take another step towards safe online dating we have added a photo verification tool into SkaDate. It is intended to help site Administrators to identify authentic user photos, and prevent scammers from registration. Here is how it works: A system generates a unique code for every newly-registered site member. During the photo upload process a member will see a note suggesting him to take a picture of oneself holding a piece of paper with the unique verification code written on it. The site Administrator will then use this photo as a reference for comparing with the rest of this member’s photos. When the verification process is completed – the site Administrator can set a ‘Verified’ status to the member’s profile photos, which will be visible to all the site members. We believe this feature will be a contribution to any dating web site’s reputation and trustworthiness.

Note: The photo verification tool is optional – it can be enabled or disabled in the Admin Panel.

123 Web Messenger:

Expanding the integration of 123FlashChat addons with SkaDate dating and community software we have added one more entertaining communication tool for your site members – 123 Web Messenger. This addon features an advanced flash Instant Messenger with a possibility of live communication through webcam, and a Windows Desktop Client.

Mass-mailing to internal site mailboxes:

A significant drawback of mass-mailing is that Administrator’s messages quite often go to Spam folders thus affecting mass-mailing efficiency. We have made it possible for site Administrators to choose either to send bulk messages to personal members’ emails, or to their internal site mailboxes. In case with on-site mailbox mailing you can be 100% sure that the message will reach the recipient once he logs in.

Private and Public profile status:

Internet users are getting more and more concerned about their privacy online. To meet their demands we have added a possibility to make a profile Private (visible to friends only), or Public (accessible for everybody). A site Administrator can make this service available to paying members only.

Uploaded photo rotate:

Site members have a possibility to rotate an uploaded photo left or right without leaving their profile page to use a third-party photo editor.

Possibility to set the date for membership expiration notification:

Site Administrators can set up Activity Scheduler in a way that a notification about membership expiration will be sent out prior to the expiration date. The number of days before the membership end date when the notification is sent can be easily edited in the Admin Panel along with the mail template.

Limited search results:

The feature allows site Administrators to limit search results view for certain membership types (ex.: Guest, Free) to one page. If a member tries to browse further – the system will suggest him upgrading his membership.

New dating template:

To give our customers more freedom for choosing a web site design we have added a new dating template and made some improvements to the existing templates design. Make your site look professional and attractive with colorful SkaDate community and dating templates.

This was the basic overview of new SkaDate software features. Take a minute to check our Live Demo and experience all the improvements we were able to make with your help and support. Thank you for being a part of our success.

If you have any questions or thoughts to share – feel free to leave the post comments, and talk to our pre-sales operators 24/7 at SkaDate official web site.

Best regards,

SkaDate Team