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SkaDate Dating Software Adds More Video Tutorials

SkaDate Dating Software Adds More Video Tutorials

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SkaDate Dating Software Adds More Video TutorialsMarch is already around the corner, which means it’s spring cleaning time over at SkaDate Dating Software house. We took a long look across our system, and decided to start with our Manuals and Video Tutorials.

As you might know, all customers in possession of SkaDate dating script have unrestricted access to our vast knowledge base, including a helpful user forum, and the aforementioned tutorials and manuals. Why are those important? Simply because they give all our clients an extra option to tweak SkaDate on their own, without the aid of the support team.

What we are doing now is gradually going through our entire document and video database, making sure all the manuals and tutorials are even more helpful than ever before. Notice the increased presentation quality as well, since the clarity is vital when dealing with intricate processes within a complex software like SkaDate.

Finally, we are really happy to present you with two brand new, but eagerly awaited Video Tutorials, namely for Profile Customization Tools, and (lo and behold), a mammoth step-by-step through the manual Software Update for the cases when we release new script versions. Just remember to always back up your sites if you decide to give it a try.

2013 is shaping up pretty well so far, what with this Tutorial Update, introduction of new partners, addition of new user languages, etc. We have a few more surprises up our sleeve, so keep an eye on our newsletters, and do buy a copy of SkaDate if you haven’t done so already!

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