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SkaDate at iDate Conference and Awards 2015

SkaDate at iDate Conference and Awards 2015

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IMG_5561The 40th International iDate Conference, the largest online dating industry event on the calendar, was held this year in Las Vegas, an appropriately most glamourous setting for such an occasion. The gathering, which also featured the annual iDate Awards (the Oscars of the dating world) is the place to meet dating industry executives, matchmakers, software providers, search companies, affiliates and more. This year we were lucky to be a part of the crowd, represented by Irene, SkaDate Marketing Executive.

The 2015 event was the largest iDate yet, stuffing two days with plenty of seminars, networking roundtables, workshops, and the awards gala itself on top. Fittingly, Google’s Tim Kershaw was one of the first speakers, setting the stage and tone for what would became the central theme of the conference – Major Changes. According to Kershaw, in just under three years there will be no interaction with physical servers, and instead people will use ‘containers’. The transformation of big data to ‘now’ data’ is also underway, as people need to see real-time updates on big data fluctuations and adjust to the changes quickly for a better marketing decisions and ads monetizations.

Success of Tinder-like Apps

More importintly, most of the speakers emphasized the rapidly changing landscape of online dating. For instance, a rep for the State of the Art Boutique Matchmaking noted the phenomenal pace set by Tinder, which attracted a lot of attention in 2014. People who were not into online dating or other kinds of matchmaking services, have embraced the app and its mechanics, making it the most mainstream dating tool the industry ever had. Even those failing at finding suitable matches with Tinder stay behind to try something else and new. IMG_0220

And that’s great news for SkaDate Mobile Dating Business devision, since SkaDate Mobile Dating App already has Tinder-like mechanics ingrained into its infrastructure.

And just in case there’s still some doubt, here’s the word from Mr. himself, Sam Yagan

  • 2012 became a breaking point when mobile traffic started overtaking the desktop
  • Now 1/3 of worldwide traffic is now mobile
  • By 2016 it is predicted to completely overtake desktop.

Numbers and Issues

IMG_5571As always, plenty of companies shared tons of figures the last year produced. What’s worth noting is that online dating industry, propped by the newfound success of Tinder clones and mobile dating business in general, is not only strong as ever, but is actually growing around the globe. In USA alone the industry is now considered to be worth $82 billion, with an average single person spending a whoping $61/month on dating activities. Needless to say, it’s best to strike while the iron is hot, and there hasn’t been a better opportunity yet.

If there is one obvious gap in the industry, it’s the long-standing problem of safety (especially for women).  But even this is being actively tackled by several startups, one of which aims to deal with the issue though its app Bumble. Coincidentally (or rather not),  it is launched by some of the Tinder creators, and allows only women to initiate contacts with their matches. Meanwhile, Wyldfire introduced mechanics tha allow men to join the service, but only if they are invited by women. Elsewhere, Jessmeetken website lets women recommend men to other women. All novel approaches, so let’s see how this will play out at the next iDate.

All in all, the iDate 2015 was a blast for us – we showcased the new goodies in the form of SkaDate Mobile Dating Apps, picked up a few tips from the industry pundits, stroke several partnership deals, and came away with our fifth finalist standing in the Best Dating Software Provider nomination in the row. Away we go with the iDate traveling circus now – we’ve already been to Miami, Cologne, and Vegas, so it’s reasonable to expect us to show up at the next event in Beijing this May.

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