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SkaDate Dating Software Addresses Piracy Issue

SkaDate Dating Software Addresses Piracy Issue


by Zima

SkaDate Dating Software Addresses Piracy IssueIt looks like SkaDate dating script has reached the level of popularity desired and feared by many software producers at the same time – illegal copies of our dating solution emerge in the shady back alleys of the Internet, and some users take the opportunity to try them out without considering consequences.

Sure, as per our End User License Agreement, we retain the right to take all necessary steps in case we encounter sites created with the use of unlicensed SkaDate copies. It also goes without saying that using pirated software, breaking laws, and abusing copyrights is bad. But the issue at hand involves much more than our desire to curb the spread of unauthorized SkaDate Dating Software.

We’ve encountered numerous cases when SkaDate copies downloaded from questionable resources infect users’ computers with viruses, install trojans and other malicious ware, or simply do not work. But even those that do work are virtually useless without additional benefits of a licensed product.

This is not some corporate anti-piracy talk, we just want to explain that a licensed copy of our particular software is much more than just a bare code. If you’ve seriously set out to build and maintain a working and growing dating site, the last thing you need is half-functioning tools.

The code itself  is just the platform, on top of which admins build their dating sites. Since we are not a whitelabel solution, all SkaDate-powered websites are different, sometimes requiring numerous and complex modifications. Needless to say, pirates and warez distributors will be of no help here.

On the other hand, a licensed copy entails our full support, free of charge fixes, absolutely unrestricted access to latest updates, and most importantly, treasure trove of manuals and other accompanying information to get the best out of the software and succeed on the market.

We’ve also heard cases when users get illegal, but supposedly fully-functional copies of SkaDate just to try out the thing and see if it is something they really need. But we have a perfectly operational demo on our site, that includes all the features of the end-product preinstalled.

In other words, there is no sense in considering the use of illegal SkaDate for anyone who is serious about online dating business. This is like stealing a bare car engine, and hoping it wins you a Daytona race somehow. If you do want to see the the podium, let alone the chequered flag, let our best pit crew help you. We know how to do it, and we do it best.


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