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SkaDate Dating Software: Getting Started

SkaDate Dating Software: Getting Started

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by Zima

SkaDate Dating Software: Getting StartedSo, you’ve bought a copy of SkaDate Dating Software and we’ve helped you installing it on the server, where it sits now, sexily tempting you to dive head-first into exiting world of online dating business, and never look back…

But what should you do first? How should you proceed? What are the first steps?

These are the types of questions customers frequently ask our Support Team right after the installation process is over. With general concept in mind and SkaDate dating script ready to be fired up, many clients are understandably overwhelmed with new options. Well, that’s why I am here; I’ll help you understand what you need to do first.

Trust me, I know everything about the intuitive drive to call the support and ask for instructions, but wait. Here’s a little secret – once you are a part of our exclusive club (of SkaDate 9 owners), everything you need is actually right in front of you. Check this out.

SkaDate Dating Software: Getting Started

This is your SkaDate Customer Area. As you can see, there are a few really helpful things right there. What you should do first (not only with our dating solution, but with any new soft or hardware) is look through the Manuals.

SkaDate Dating Software: Getting Started

We put them there for a reason. Seven years on the market made sure we know exactly what our new customers have trouble with. Moreover, these manuals will be helpful even for seasoned SkaDate users, who need step-by-step instructions for anything from changing the logo at the top of the page to installing new free dating themes and templates. Yeah, we do know what you want, so check back this area often.

Once you know how everything works it’s time to get on the Forum and see what’s going on in the community. Chances are most dating site owners already went through logistic, creative, financial, and organizational issues you think you might encounter. Never neglect the experience of others. These things will set you on the right path or give you new ideas in the very least. Oh, and the answers to most question on your mind can also be found here.

SkaDate Dating Software: Getting Started

By this point you should have a pretty clear idea about the direction you are heading. What you need now is a few visual tips to really get the feel for operating the powerful SkaDate machine. We have those in the form of Video Tutorials. Custom Page Creation? Check. Membership Type Configuration? Got it. Advertising Management? You bet!

SkaDate Dating Software: Getting Started

You know what they say – if a picture is worth a thousand words, than a video is worth millions. Well, lucky you, we have all three, giving you a load of information before you even started!

It is quite possible that you might still have some questions left after digesting all of that data. Technically, there is a possibility that manuals, forums, and tutorials do not give you the answer you are looking for.

Well, then is the perfect opportunity to get to know our Support Team better. (I believe they love reasonable challenges). Actually, their only shortcoming that I’m aware of, is the lack of telepathic superpowers; so when contacting them, it’s preferable you have a clear idea about a website you want to see when the dust settles.

Good luck!

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