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SkaDate Dating Software: How To Go Viral

by Zima
Back in June of last year SkaDate Dating Software blog already featured a compilation of viral videos, as an example of how to promote your product (or dating site) successfully and creatively. That post was quite popular, judging by visitor numbers, so I decided to give you more of the same. It’s only fitting in the aftermath of this whole Kony 2012 debacle, and besides, it’s Friday, you know, the best day to go ‘viral’.

Remember that one video with the girl who loved cats? Yeah, the eHarmony video profile thing that exploded all over the Internet and mainstream media last year. Its authenticity was heavily debated, but it doesn’t matter. You know your plan worked, when the brilliant Gregory Brothers remix you into a song.

But that wasn’t the end of it, and even eHarmony themselves stepped up and made an official video response, probably hoping for it to go viral as well.

Yeah, see, that was pretty crappy, wasn’t it? Maybe eHarmony should let its users do the work for them. And you know want, they did just that. At the end of last year the Santa Monica based company launched a competition for the best viral video promoting their services. The prize? Eight thousand dollars. And if you have to ask me (and you don’t really), that’s a waaaay low price to pay for a bunch of commercials. (I’m saying, you can do the same, wink wink). Here’s the winner.

I know what you are thinking. Who the hell wears jackets like that anymore? Although my first reaction to this was – why the hell the waiter doesn’t call the police on the woman? But anyway, the victim (it’s the girl, right?) can consider herself lucky, since her date could go something like this.

Of course that wasn’t a real dating commercial, but it could have worked. You know why? Because there are people like this in real life. And real life is the best source for anything viral. Here’s another dating profile that even made it to the Viral Video Film School.

Let’s forget about dating for a sec here, because I want to get down to very basics of a successful viral video. Yeah, creativity helps. A lot. But what matters most is understanding what people react to. Two words. Cool and Ridiculous. Work separately perfectly well, but even better when combined. Watch this.

What’s that you are saying? You can’t afford a pool of snakes? An Aston Martin? A Kobe Bryant? Well, don’t worry, I know what you can afford, or at least should (theoretically). An iPhone is essential, if you want to get most out of your SkaDate dating script, which went mobile with the release of SkaDate 9. Anyway, here’s how pros do it.

So, go ahead and blend something, jump over stuff, throw away your clothes, pretend to be someone you are not, discuss spectrometry or sing about cats – have fun and be sincere, because if your video works and gets people to follow you, maybe some of them will end up together and eventually on YouTube. Like this.