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SkaDate Dating Software: Logo Design Tips

SkaDate Dating Software: Logo Design Tips


logo design tipsMaybe, you are the one of the lucky ones, who already have a SkaDate Dating Software license and is on the threshold of your dream to create a professional, moneymaking and absolutely stunning online dating site. The most vital part is done, you just need to make several more steps.

When you define your dating niche, develop a brand name and choose a short and attractive domain, you will inevitably come across a problem of designing a good logo for your site. Or probably there will be no problem at all, especially, if you carefully read logo design tips from SkaDate Dating Script.

What is logo?

A logo is a graphic mark or emblem usually used by commercial organizations or individuals to promote instant public recognition. Logos consist either of graphic symbols or are composed of the name of the enterprise. Keep in mind that logo is much more than just a sign, it represents everything your dating site stands for and establishes your brand identity.

Tips for creating a logo:

  • Do the competitor’s analysis. What do the logos of your competitors look like? What you can do to differentiate from them?
  • What is your message? You should clearly imagine what is the concept of your site and what do you want to communicate to your target audience. Logo should be describable or in other words it should express everything that stands behind the picture in a clear and understandable manner.
  • Keep it simple in a form. Logo should be easily memorable by your potential clients, so don’t overload it with graphics. You have just couple of seconds to catch your potential site members’ attention, and a good logo can help a lot.
  • Keep it practical. Make sure that your logo is still effective when reproduced in black and white colors or enlarged. Even if you don’t plan to print it on T-shirts, pens or billboards, it’s still better to consider such possibility. What if your business will be so good that you decide to expand it?
  • Never ever use clipart. Clipart is easily spreading through the web and its elements are effortlessly recognizable. Using clipart will never make your customers perceive your site as unique and professional. Create your own style, if you are serious about your project.

Following these simple tips will help you to produce an outstanding logo. Be creative, be unique and have a gorgeous dating website, powered by SkaDate Dating Software.

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