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SkaDate Dating Software: Mobile App Revolution

SkaDate Dating Software: Mobile App Revolution


SkaDate Dating Software: Mobile App RevolutionIf you haven’t noticed, we have a limited offer discount campaign going on. SkaDate Dating Software + SkaDate Mobile Edition at 35% off. We are talking about saving a total of $200 – the full price of our popular Mobile Edition, which includes applications for iOS, Android and BlackBerry OS. Why is that important? Because the world is no longer spinning without apps, and we are giving them to you for free, that’s why.

In general, we went through an entire app revolution in recent years. Mobile technology development has picked up an incredible pace, and now it is hard to imagine our lives without the use of smartphones and tablets.

The accompanying Apple vs Android battle spices things up, as both companies are considered progressive and innovative. Even Microsoft was able to shrug off its conservative image with the recent announcement of MS Surface, though we have to wait until October to really see if all the hype is really worth it.

All this advancement led to diminishing importance of traditional platforms. I’m not saying they are dying out outright (yet), but the trend is hard to ignore, especially when hundreds of new mobile apps are released every day for every desktop solution.

This is especially relevant in customer-oriented industries, including online dating. Internet singles are no longer expected to be desktop bound, and dating-on-the-go is all the rage right now, just because it’s pretty natural. Home, office, bar, bus, train, stadium or park – the app keeps you always in the loop.

This brings us back to SkaDate. We saw the mobile potential quite some time ago, and introduced the Mobile Browser version of the product a few years back, even before all the craze began. Its popularity paved the way for the gradual roll-out of SkaDate native applications – Apple iOS first, then Android, and finally BlackBerry OS at the start of this week.

With all major platforms covered, SkaDate Mobile Edition is a very powerful toy as it is, but we are still committed to continue developing it even further. So what are you waiting for? Place your order now, while the special offer is still on. You still have time until Tuesday!

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