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SkaDate Dating Software Niches 101: Geek Dating

SkaDate Dating Software Niches 101: Geek Dating


SkaDate Dating Software Niche 101: Geek DatingWelcome back to the SkaDate Dating Software series on online dating niches. Check out this list for our past entries. Today I want to do something different, and instead of looking at obvious top-tier choices in the selection of categories, I’ll dig deeper.

After all, you don’t have to be a brainiac to make a sugar-daddy service work. How about a website for geeks? Can it make money and become popular? Well, yes of course it can. Everything is possible with a little bit of thinking and a handy copy of the SkaDate dating script.

Remember when Rick Moranis was the epitome of geekness? Yeah, that time has passed. And if you are asking who’s Rick Moranis, than you are not geek enough to read a post about geek dating niche. The geekness of Rick Moranis was trendy before it was mainstream. Only in his time he was just that – a geek and little more. (Mr. Moranis, please come back, we need you).

Before continuing further, we should come to terms with the fact that we have to readjust our values a bit. Things that were considered ‘geek’ in high school are actually hip now. That’s right.

Do you even know who’s considered geek these days? Let’s see. Natalie Portman, Jessica Biel, Thora Birch, Ellen Page, Jordana Brewster, Emma Watson, Zooey Deschanel, etc.  And these are just Geek Chics – the girls who openly embrace their geeky stereotype (with the exception of Deschanel, of course, who is actually a Geek Goddess).

Also, look around you – we live in a real geek renaissance, with sci-fi and comic book movies setting box office records, fashion industry incorporating traditionally nerdy elements in their collections, tech development becoming a standard water cooler topic, and genuine geeks turning into millionaires and ruling the world.

That’s good news to you, the owner of a geek dating website. Because geeks pay. Indeed, people like Thomas Lennon’s character in 17 Again are no longer a hyperbole. Just ask anybody in Palo Alto. Or anywhere else outside the set of the latest Sylvester Stallone’s movie.

So basically, by setting up a geek site you’ll score anyway. It will attract both, real and proud geeks, as well as a much larger crowd of people who think that it’s hip to pretend to be geek.

Look, in the past geeks posed as being someone else on the Internet just to attract attention. Now it works the other way around. The toughest of your former classmates don huge-frame glasses, brush up on Star Trek and Marvel heroes, and dust off forgotten Hasbro merchandise to venture online. Girls dig this stuff at the moment. And that’s a clear opportunity to capitalize on the trend.

In fact, I think I found more geek dating sites while doing research for this post than I did while writing about any of the past Niche 101 articles. GeeksMeet, Geek 2 Geek, Soul Geek, Sweet on Geeks, Nerd Passions, Geek Love, etc., And then there’s Geek is Single, which openly states on the front page that it’s a site, “Where the girls chase the geeks”. You get the picture.

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