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SkaDate Dating Software: Online Dating Privacy

SkaDate Dating Software: Online Dating Privacy


When surfing the Internet, I often face the articles about deception and different kinds of abuse on dating sites. In today’s post I want to share with you some SkaDate Dating Software tips on how to avoid being a participant of such stories and prevent your dating site users from that.

Online dating has become very popular in recent decade, but many people still didn’t get elementary privacy rules and continue to engage themselves in risk. There are two defining factors of user’s security – online dating service privacy settings and personal consciousness of the site members.

SkaDate Dating Software features give the dating site users an opportunity to feel safe and secure:

  • Who viewed my profile feature. Allows users to see who viewed their profiles and how many times their profile pages were opened.
  • Password-protection option. When uploading photographs, users can choose whether to make them public or not. Photos can also be watermarked.
  • Customizable profile status. Users  can protect their privacy by making their profile either Private or Public.
  • Photo verification. This admin feature allows you to make your dating site a safe place. This tool helps you check if uploaded photos belong to real site members.
  • Private Virtual Gifts. Possibility to show/hide the member’s virtual gifts on a Profile View page.
  • Private groups option. Private group forum. Join free or by invitation only.

Using of these features is very helpful, however users should also remember that sharing personal information on dating sites is not the same thing as sharing it with your Facebook friends. So, they should follow basic safety rules:

  • Never share their home or workplace address/telephone number/e-mail address on dating sites
  • Never send money to someone they don’t know in real life. Moreover, the fact of asking for money indicates that the person is probably not a good person to date with.
  • Choose public places for real-life dates.
  • Avoid using the same user name that they use for other social networks. It makes them easy to be tracked by someone.

Use SkaDate Dating Software features smartly, follow safety principles and build high-quality dating sites. Be safe and keep reading our blog.

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