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SkaDate Dating Software: Online Dating Safety

SkaDate Dating Software: Online Dating Safety


online dating safetyApart for their primary function, online dating sites offer a lot of fun. That is why they are so widespread and popular. A lot of new websites appear every day and significant part of them are powered by SkaDate Dating Software. It’s not surprising that many entrepreneurs choose SkaDate Dating Script as long as it provides users with all types of entertaining features starting from virtual gifts and ending with online games.

Unfortunately, except for having fun, online dating sites are frequently associated with user safety threads. I often read scary stories about people, who faced deception or even direct abuse on dating sites.

Safety lack is an issue that concerns the whole Internet space, but on social networks and dating sites users are especially open and vulnerable. They discover private information about themselves and trust their virtual friends/dating partners. Some dishonest people use it for their own gain. The question is how can dating sites’ admins protect their site members?

Balazs Alexa and Jean Meyer have found a good solution for this problem by creating a DateMySchool project. It’s a huge dating platform made for students and alumni nationwide. This idea was outstanding just because it allowed people having similar education background to get together. Safety is one more benefit – all members are verified students and alumni. I was unable to register on this resource as long as I have no recognized university mail address. By the way, you can make a similar mini project for schools in your district. I’m not talking about plagiarism, just borrow the idea, choose your audience and add some new features.

However, this privileged project is unique, while the majority of other dating sites cannot be available only for students. Therefore, dating site users should know the basic safety rules:

  • Create a separate e-mail account for dating sites
  • Never discover their real names on dating sites
  • Take a telephone number of their potential dating partners
  • Choose public places for the first date
  • Listen carefully: if the person lies, the information can be contradictory
  • Never send money to someone they don’t know

The only thing you can do is to inform your members about potential risks of online dating. So, I recommend you to place this information somewhere on your site. Have a credible dating site, powered by SkaDate Dating Software, and let your business flourish.

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