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SkaDate Dating Software: PR Strategy for SEO


There were times when SEO was easy.  Just place hundreds of links within your text body or mass emails to webmasters promoting your site and wait for Google to rank you up. That really used to work.  But if you try it now, in the age of a smarter Google Search (which is aware of all the SEO trickery), you’ll soon see your ranks going down, and can be even slapped with a punishment.

Google made search very “human” – no longer it’s using predictable algorithm formulas SEO professionals used to play with. Search is now able to distinguish the quality, intent and relevance of a link. It made SEO more like a Public Relations game.

PR specialists work with journalists, bloggers, and influencers to get them to talk about a brand. This leads to attention, awareness, curiosity, and trust. PR is about telling great stories, getting media placements and building relationships. With this in mind, it is essential for SEO professionals to start thinking as public relations gurus. Instead of creating and building links, search engine marketing strategists should better think of building and maintaining long-term friendly relationships with customers and media.

As a SEO master, you already have the coolest research tools at your disposal: Google Webmaster Tools, Analytics, AdWords, etc. Using them, and also picking up on the habits of seasoned PR professionals can allow you reaching top benefits. 

Basically, PR techniques, if mastered, can help you to get to the top of company’s SEO:

1. Content is The King

Repeat this again and again, and remember it forever.  Topical, informative, and timely content can bring fantastic results. Post different types of content: texts, images, presentations, videos; and never forget to consider    potential PR opportunities when creating said content.

2. Press Release 2.0 

A frequent pratfall here just might make you sound medieval. Don’t. Create a modern press release. Tell a human story, and don’t try to sound like a door-to-door salesman – no one wants to hear that.

3. Pitch

When pitching stop thinking only of mentioning links. Don’t go “spammy”. Think of  the opportunity to boost your products profile, and drive referral traffic to your landing page by your unique content.

4. Give the Pitch a Chance

 Today we are connected as never before. A lost opportunity here would be not to capitalize on that. Use social media connections. It is powerful to no end, if applied appropriately.

In the end, it all comes down to smartly and efficiently utilizing your resources at hand. Don’t think negatively of varied marketing techniques, and forget all you heard about the PR stigma. Embracing the skills and practices of proven PR professionals will work miracles and can get your company’s SEO to the top.