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SkaDate Dating Software Roundup: April, 1-9

SkaDate Dating Software Roundup: April, 1-9


April’s start is marked by many bright and sad events from epic fantasy series “Game of Thrones” release to Margaret Thatcher’s death. SkaDate Dating Software team regrets the death of the old lady, but the life is going on, and if you want to make it more prospering, it’s time to grab the bull by the horns and start making money with your own online dating website, powered by SkaDate Dating Script.

Before you start, you need to be armed with current news and trends in Internet dating industry and get very quickly what is hip now and what is dead. For instance, did you know that dating sites for people with sexually transmitted diseases are becoming extremely popular, whereas “desperate housewife” Eva Longoria thinks that online dating is a great way to find your soul mate? If you missed something interesting, today’s roundup fills in all these gaps.

Eva Longoria believes in online dating

She said: “A friend of mine went on dating site, (and) she’s getting married this year… They’re perfectly matched for each other; they’re really a great couple.” But the 38-year-old star – whose second marriage to basketball player Tony Parker ended in divorce in 2010 – insists she is not ready to start internet dating yet and says she relies on her close circle of friends to find her a new partner instead.

Would Facebook Graph Search kill online dating?

Markus Frind, CEO of Plenty of Fish: “Facebook isn’t going to kill dating sites. Its all about intent. If you signup to Plenty of Fish there are millions of people who made the decision to signup because they want to be a in relationship.”

People with STDs increasingly have online dating websites created specifically for them

Josh Dorner: “It really is a good idea. I would rather know upfront than find out later. But would it really matter if you cared about someone?”

People are still having cibersex

Judith Apps, a practicing psychotherapist from Surrey: “The dangers of engaging in fantasy sex online is dependent on how often a person is doing it and for how long. In my view, the danger of such behavior is with particular reference to relationships, with people substituting fantasy relationships for real ones.”

Popular author Claudia Carroll meets only idiots on dating websites

She says: “I just met eejits. When a fella says he’s 40, it means he’s 60; when a fella says he likes a drink, it means he is a raving alcoholic.”

SHSU Crime Victims Institute states that online dating is not more dangerous than traditional one

Molly Smith, one of the doctoral student researchers: “People who seek out potential partners on the internet seem to exhibit higher levels of caution and utilize more protective measures. In addition, many people who use online dating sites tend to [talk to] their potential partner for a longer period of time prior to meeting them in person, thus making them more aware of potential “red flags” that might arise in a face-to-face situation”.

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