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SkaDate Dating Software Roundup: February 1 – 10

SkaDate Dating Software Roundup: February 1 – 10


SkaDate Dating Software Roundup: February 1 - 10Let’s take a timeout from all the  widespread photo-shopping of Beyonce’s “unflattering” Super Bowl pics, and also abstain from discussing the Grammys for a while. It’s time for another SkaDate Dating Software Roundup, so let’s focus on what matters most. Making money with online dating.

We often report American figures, and unsurprisingly those are always impressive. This time over we have some international numbers to share too, on top of other relevant industry stories. And speaking of industry – don’t forget to pick up a copy of SkaDate dating script and start your online dating site today, while the market is still white-hot. On to the roundup then.

Looking Back at Online Dating Industry (The Washington Times)

Claire Hickey, Contributor: “Jeff C. Tarr and Vaughn Morrill founded the very first computer dating service while undergraduates at Harvard in 1965. They named it Operation Match and distributed questionnaires to Boston-area colleges. Respondents filled them out and sent them back. The cost was $3 and a stamp.”

Online Dating in the Age of Catfish (Anchorage Daily News)

“Have our dating lives become so virtual these days that we can technically date someone for nearly a year and never actually meet them? Is this the norm? Or is this the way of the modern hopeless romantic? The actions of the naïve? The desperation of someone whose loneliness overwhelms their common sense?”

The Game of Online Dating Business (Slate)

Seth Stevenson, Contributor: “Third-party, for-profit matchmaking is a booming sector these days—a $2 billion business in North America. Every unmarried person under 40 I know has at least dabbled in online dating. According to Slater, alone has around 1.5 million paying subscribers, with revenue of nearly $350 million a year. In 2011, it bought OkCupid for a cool $90 million.”

The Industry Keeps Going Strong Despite Fraud Cases (The Guardian)

Conal Urquhart, Contributor: “In spite of fraud, the industry thrives. In 2011, British dating sites made £169m from 6.2 million people logging on every month, while almost 30% of relationships began online, according to Metaflake, an online monitoring company.”

Online Dating Community Celebrates Safer Internet Day (Female First)

Cara Mason, Blogger: “Online dating has done wonders for our love lives. You can meet people that you would never have had the chance to meet before and really thrive in the dating game.”


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