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SkaDate Dating Software Roundup: May, 14-24

SkaDate Dating Software Roundup: May, 14-24


Hello, everyone! Recent times were hot and productive for SkaDate Dating Software team; we worked hard on Premium SkaDate Dating and Social Networking Site Templates release and now we are proud to present these great professionally-designed themes to your attention.

Though we didn’t forget to search across the Internet and prepare a SkaDate Dating Software roundup for you. Amazing things are happening around the world: a woman has painted her ideal husband and he became real, Sinead O’Connor’s profile was removed from a dating site by site moderators, the most of hot women seeking for adventures on dating sites turned to be men and much more.

Sinead O’Connor profile was banned from a dating site

Sinead O’Connor: “I wrote a profile so sexual it was removed by the people running the site. And trust me, in the past I’ve written some humdinger profiles but never had one removed. I am very proud. It didn’t get removed for about 45 minutes and in that time there were literally over 160 replies. I wrote a very (sexual) account of exactly what the f— would be happening on my ideal first date”.

Online dating will be brought to life at Solopalooza 2013

Paul Wickline, COC theatre department chair: “These stories are great fun, poignant and thought provoking. Our students have worked very hard to bring their wonderful stories to the stage and they are performing them beautifully”.

CEO Sean Rad reveals his grand plan to change the way people meet

“It’s a simple concept: Unlike most online dating platforms, there are no profiles or questionnaires to fill out. Instead, users sign up through Facebook, select a couple pictures, and enter their gender, location, and sexual preference. The app then serves up photos of other nearby users”

Dating site founder says that the majority of women looking for hooks-up are men

Markus Frind, dating site founder: “Of its 3.3 million UK users, only 6,041 women are seeking an ‘Intimate Encounter’ on internet dating website Plenty of Fish. Many of the ‘women’ who use the hook-ups section of his site are actually men in disguise, trying to con admirers. On May 20  it has decided to remove the “intimate encounters” option from the site.

Online dating issues: how to deal with rejection?

Elaine Dundon: “It’s important to understand that everyone is in a different “space” and, in some cases, no matter what you say or do, they will always reject you or your ideas. In this regard, some people strive for safety and predictability, so your new idea or proposition may seem too “risky” to them. Others strive for creative freedom and your proposal might be too mundane or out of character for them.”

A painted ideal husband became real

In 2009, artist Chloe Mayo created a romantic depiction of her dream husband – tall, dark, handsome, and bearded. The 31-year-old artist quickly forgot about the painting and a couple weeks later took up online dating. She encountered Michael Goeman on a singles’ site before meeting him in person. When the couple finally met, she was struck by the feeling of déjà vu. After realizing her new beau resembled her prophesied hubby, she hid the evidence under her bed.

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