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SkaDate Dating Software Roundup: May, 4-10.

SkaDate Dating Software Roundup: May, 4-10.


Hi, everyone. World doesn’t stay still and all the time something is going on: Charles Ramsey has become a world-known celebrity in a few days after he helped rescue the kidnapped Amanda Berry, and this fact confirmed that popularity, as well as success in online dating business, may come when you don’t expect that. However, most often you should do the hard work first, including promotion, generating traffic, building your website’s reputation and of course following the dating news. The last thing we made easier for you, and in today’s SkaDate Dating Software Roundup we piled together all the most important news from the online dating industry.

Online dating at the age of 76 is still possible, internet dating websites are used for seeking carers for disabled people now and online dating addiction has become a problem for many people in recent times. Articles below will also teach you how to distinguish a dating scam and decode the most popular dating phrases people tell each other.

How to interpret online dating phrases

Elizabeth Denham, writer: Many of the statements (listed in this article) are designed to manipulate a response. When you are looking at a profile or in the very early stages of getting to know someone, always make sure to notice if this is happening. This is unacceptable and recognizing it is an easy way to avoid wasting time. Look for someone who is straightforward, positive and honest.

Online Dating at 76: what does it looks like?

What really surprised me was the overwhelming response from men who are looking for love and at the same time are so terrified of age. They’d say things like, “You’re an interesting woman, but I really need to be with someone 45”. Most of the men won’t respond if you say your real age.

New internet dating service will help disabled people find the perfect carer

Russell Smith, creator of the service: “One of the big problems is that a lot of the time you’ll get people who are probably very good at being a carer, doing the general day-to-day washing, dressing, that sort of thing but, being still reasonably young, I like to go to gigs and festivals and all that.”

Are you addicted to online dating websites?

Researchers believe that online dating is not so beneficial for our society because it may be too addictive. Some people constantly feel the urge to get back to online dating. The major risk involved in online dating addiction is depression.

Tips on recognizing a dating scam

According to research conducted by the FBI, criminals who troll social media and online dating sites looking for victims usually claim to be Americans traveling or working abroad. In reality, they often live overseas. Their most common targets are women over 40, who are divorced, widowed, and/or disabled, but every age group and demographic is at risk.

5 online dating don’ts

Online dating is not so complicated but people are making things complicated by doing things, which they are not supposed to do. Online dating was supposed to be very straight forward, and if things are done properly, then it will yield perfect results in terms of getting a perfect partner.

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