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SkaDate Dating Software Roundup October 19 – 30

SkaDate Dating Software Roundup October 19 – 30


Hi everyone, for our SkaDate Dating Software roundup we’ve collected several interesting news across the web, including an iDate Dating Industry conference in Sydney, the launch of a new site for self-proclaimed black nerds, and the introduction of a service for kids to match their single parents.

As always, there is a wide range of opportunities for admins running sites powered by SkaDate dating script, to be inspired and select a specific profitable niche. Remember, that members prefer specialized dating sites, which tend to be more successful in coming up with good choices of their potential significant others.

Also, Halloween is upon us, and of course, it’s the online dating guru Brandon Wade who came up with a survey among his site users, explaining what Halloween costumes say about their owners. Read on, and… trick or treat!

What to Wear on Halloween: Dating Survey Discovers Meaning Behind Costumes (PRWeb)
Subjects were asked a series of questions in regards to the matter, including their own costume choice for the year. The study also revealed men’s perception of sexuality among women who wore homemade costumes and those who simply bought theirs.

Special Online Dating Pre-Conference on November 7, 2012 (WebWire)
A 3-hour session (will be) designed for dating startups. It covers business models for online dating, revenues, dating software options, marketing strategies, business trends, mobile dating, customer service issues, pitfalls and buyout opportunities.

NY Dating Site Requires Transparence to Get Rid of Liars ( NY Convergence)
New dating site Mirror was launched back in March with the goal of getting rid of liars in the online dating arena. The site require complete transparency.

Coffee Meets Bagel: Simple Matching During the Lunch (Forbes)
Arum Kang, Co-founder: “For anyone to be open to even trying a new app people are very skeptical; San Francisco people are used to seeing a lot of new ideas and seem to be open to trying a new product.”

My Lovely Parent: Matching Profiles for Single Parents (Guardian)
Matt Connolly, Site Founder:  “So I can have a look at all the handsome chaps who live nearby who are into dog-walking and have great big beards, whatever it is, and if I see somebody lovely, I am able to then view his profile and recommend him to my mum.”

New Dating Site BlackNerdDating: Self-proclaimed Black Nerds looking for their geeks in comfortable way (Pegasus News)
Keith York, creator and proud geek: “It’s no secret that nerds and geeks, particularly black nerds, have specific tastes and preferences that may not fit into the today’s online social circles.”

Tawkify: A New Concierge Dating Service (Sociable)
Kenneth Shaw, Co-founder and CEO: “Our matchmakers really facilitate the social inefficiencies and get you all the way to the result.  They [matchmakers] solve a lot of the back and forth gameplay and put you together on a date”.

People are More Successful on Specialized Internet Dating Sites (Los Angeles Times)
Dr. Robert Epstein, San Diego County Research Psychologist: “If you get together with someone like you in some very important respect, that can be the basis for a successful relationship, a lot of relationships start with that kind of thing, and sometimes people can build around that connection.”

Social Networking Site for Old Friends (Crimson White)
Katie Hartle, Creator of FriendMatch:  “The world is changing, and this is one of those signs; I want it to be a tool to help us adapt.”

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