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SkaDate Dating Software SEO Tips: Meta Tags

SkaDate Dating Software SEO Tips: Meta Tags

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Once you have created a list of relevant keywords and keyword phrases for your dating site, powered by SkaDate Dating Software, you can move to the next step. It’s time to use these keywords effectively for your site’s promotion.

First thing you need to do is to insert meta-tags into your web page source code at the head of the document between the head tags. Meta-tags are HTML or XHTML elements, which help search engine bots to understand what your site is about and index it according to your webpage content. Title meta tag and meta-description tag are displayed in search results and visible for users, so make them not only full of keywords, but also readable and easily understandable.

There are three accepted meta tags no site should be without:

Title tag – includes summarized information about your site. The length should not exceed 60 symbols, but still try to make it as explanatory as possible since search engines will use it as a title in search results. If your title tag has a few more characters, it’s not a big deal – you won’t be banned for this, but search engines ignore the longer part. Make sure that your title tag contains all main keywords.
Example: <title> Online dating site for single dancers </title>

Meta Description Tag – contains the description of what your site is about, written in a clear way. The maximum length of description tag is 160 symbols. It has a great importance for the SEO optimization, so take it seriously.
Example: <META content=”A dating site for single dancers, looking for friendship, love or just online chatting”>

Meta Keywords Tag – in recent times, this tag has become the least important one for the search engines; and a lot of sites have stopped adding keywords. People say that Google doesn’t index them no more, but there is also an opinion that they have some weight for SEO. You loose nothing, adding keywords meta tag, so it’s better to have it.
Example: <META content=”online dating, dating, matchmaking, dancing lovers, dances, dancing dating, singles, dating site for dancers”>

How to add meta tags to your site?

Usually, people do that throug HTML-editors like Dreamweaver or Nvu, but with SkaDate Dating Software you can insert meta tags to every page of your website right from the Admin Panel/SEO section. You can also add a unique meta title and description to each page via Admin Panel/Languages. This process is simple and intuitive, but you are also welcome to ask our support team for help, if something goes wrong. It’s better to develop separate meta tags for each page of your site, according to page’s content, it significantly increases your chances for higher ranking.

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