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SkaDate Dating Software SEO Tips: PageRank

SkaDate Dating Software SEO Tips: PageRank

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PagerankWelcome back to SkaDate Dating Software SEO Tips series and today we will take a look at Google PageRank. It is often referred as PR, but don’t confuse this acronym with Public Relations.

Google PageRank is one of the tools Google uses to define the level of site page’s relevance, importance and reputation. The pages, receiving higher PageRank are more likely to be ranked higher in search results. PageRank grades from 0-10 (the higher, the better) and is based on backlinks. For instance, Microsoft and Yahoo! have PageRank 9, and Google has PR10.

Pay your attention that PageRank is given to the each web page, not to the whole site. Search engines consider every page as an independent object for indexation and each one has its own value. PR is invisible for users in search results, but you can use Google Toolbar to see it. This tool has not only numerical indicators, but also gives  a visual representation in a form of a scale bar.

It was mentioned before that PageRank is based on the backlinks. When choosing sites for building backlinks, note that the quantity is important, but the quality plays the most crucial role. When a highly ranked trusted resource publishes a link to your website, it helps you to get a higher PageRank. There are also some other parameters affecting PR such as number of links per page, the position and visibility. So, be selective while going for link exchange and try to discuss all the formalities regarding the placement of your link. Even thousands of references to your site from low-quality sites with low Search Engine Results Placement (SERP) will not be helpful for SEO as well as the link, placed at the very bottom, will have little effect.

And now we came to the most important part. In the first years of Google, high PR used to be a very significant indicator of better search results. Now it became nothing more than just one of the ingredients, comprising the “magic” recipe of a successful SEO, along with building a carefully-optimized textual content, selecting appropriate keywords and many other things. Moreover, some SEO-experts insist that PageRank is no longer important for SEO and the correlation between SERP and PR is not so evident. Others still think that it has certain influence: maybe it’s one out of two hundred signals, but still has considerable weight.

PR is a Google invention; it has no influence to any other search engines. So, if your site’s PageRank is low, don’t get desperate. It should not be simply neglected, but don’t become obsessed with it. Focus your efforts on other SEO methods: when put all together, they show impressive results.

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