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SkaDate Dating Software: Social Integration Features

SkaDate Dating Software: Social Integration Features


SkaDate Dating Software is a practical business solution which provides the whole pack of features needed for a successful startup at a one time fee. We care not only about professional look and high-quality functioning of your dating website, but also about the possibility to promote it easier and make more money.

Social networks have become extremely hype in recent years and they have also turned into an effective tool for business promotion. That’s understandable as long as sthey are mostly easy and free to use. The only thing you need to do is to integrate social media into your dating site and everything else your members will do themselves.

Nowadays, the first thing people do when seeing something exciting in the Internet, is sharing it with their friends on social networks. Social Media Integration is a SkaDate Dating Software feature, which allows members of your site to share content via social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Social content sharing is the simplest way of promotion and it doesn’t require any special effort from you. After SEO optimization, it’s the second important thing you need to implement in order to boost your dating site’s popularity.

Facebook Connect and Facebook Friend Inviter are another two SkaDate Dating Software features which make your and your members’ lives easier.

Facebook Connect allows users to join and later login to your dating site with their Facebook account details. The system synchronizes the profile data of a member’s Facebook account with profile fields of SkaDate-powered website. It helps you to reach the laziest audience –  people, who would probably like to register on your site, but don’t want to go through the process of registration. Moreover, it adds credibility to your website: the more people use it with Facebook accounts, the less the possibility that they are fake. Would you agree that it’s kind of cumbersome and time-consuming to maintain a fake Facebook account, add friends and post regular updates just to make it look realistic?
Facebook Friends Inviter allows members to invite their Facebook friends to join your site. It’s a great tool for boosting your site popularity. It also makes your website a friendly and comfortable place for users.

So, living in the Internet-based society, don’t miss your chance to use all the Internet services smartly. Earn money with SkaDate Dating Script and be successful.

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