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SkaDate Dating Software: Speed-Dating Feature

SkaDate Dating Software: Speed-Dating Feature


by Varda Carrera

SkaDate Dating Software: Speed-Dating Feature

I would like to start today’s post by saying a huge thank you to all our customers, prospects, and everyone else who voted for us at 2013 iDate Awards. SkaDate once again became finalist in the Best Dating Software Provider category. We are quite proud that the industry continuously acknowledges our hard work on the product.

SkaDate dating script is not only a professional solution with 100% unencrypted code, but is also known for multiple user features making clients’ websites more attractive and presenting numerous opportunities through popular tools like gifts, user credits, classifieds, etc. Today, though, I want to focus on Speed-Dating.

Speed-Dating is a service designed to encourage as many singles as possible to meet each other in a short period of time. While setting up a speed-dating event, a site administrator can specify certain time for each mini-date online. Later, participating members are randomly connected to each other in a pop-up window for conversations. As soon as the assigned chat session ends, the participants are connect to new members.

The format allows site members to chat up with a whole bunch of eligible singles. Preventing them from wasting hours on unsuccessful dates is an another bonus: if someone is unhappy with the random choice of a conversational partner, they can easily skip the mini date and move on to the next one. If there was a spark between two participants, they can easily set up a real date afterwards, with an increased likelihood of a serious relationships.

This tried and proven system has found a second life on online dating sites and is currently gaining tremendous prominence, all because the majority of people nowadays are extremely busy and find going-out specifically looking for dates too time-consuming and costly. Others are simply too shy to approach others in a pub or on the dance floor. Whereas online speed-dating is making it extremely easy to find friends or romance partners, using traditional dating techniques.

Speed-Dating gives everyone an opportunity to meet people sharing the same interests and avoid that awkward feeling of public embarrassment in case of rejection. Curiously, the format of speed-dating is often employed by start-up companies looking for investors, or even pet rescue services searching for potential owners for homeless dogs. The possibilities for this feature’s implementation are limited only by one’s imagination.

Oh, and don’t forget that SkaDate’s Speed-Dating feature can also be used with our default text Ajax Chat, or alternatively, audio and video chat add-ons, to make members’ speed-dating events even more exciting. Give it a try!

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