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SkaDate Dating Software Tips About Tips

by Zima
You know, I’ve been running SkaDate Dating Software blog for a while now, covering industry news, explaining advantages of various niches, humoring you on occasion, introducing members of our team to the public, and giving advise on handling SkaDate dating script in the most beneficial way possible.

What I haven’t done is listing actual pointers for online dating. I’m talking about those “tips,” and “guides,” and “do’s and don’ts” articles the Internet is swimming in. I haven’t done it because there’s just too many of them around, and because, let’s face it, most of them are just way too dim to begin with. Use a good picture? Well, thanks, because I was about to upload the one during the root canal surgery.

So, instead, in a typical SkaDate-Blogish way, I’ll give you five tips on how NOT TO compile guides for your dating site members.

Don’t Be Condescending

This one, I believe, is essential, but just flies over the heads of Internet article writers all the time. Like the already mentioned photo advise, tips about using proper grammar or good avatars are incredibly supercilious, don’t you think? It’s as if advise givers believe their audience is a bunch of morons, completely oblivious to their environment. Seriously, if you are giving tips, treat your members as equals, unless you want to be viewed as a “that condescendingly annoying douche.”

That Sexual Thing

Unless it’s in your TOS, I don’t think there is a reason to tell your members about their sexual behavior. It doesn’t matter if you run a Christian or Adult dating site; your visitors made a conscious choice coming there and already know what to expect. Trust me, no tips will stop your male members from sharing pictures of their privates if they decided the world absolutely has to appreciate the beauty.

Be Open and Upfront

Don’t pretend that you wrote a PhD thesis on online dating, unless you really have. But even if you have, just pretend that you haven’t, because A) no one cares, and B) no one will believe you. But yeah, basing your tips on real situations, and presenting them in a simple form will always be better than lecturing your members. Fun is a part of the game. Keep it that way.

Conspiracy Theory

I’ve read many times in numerous advise articles how people should not reveal too much about themselves. Frankly, this is baffling, especially if these articles go along with dating sites running extensive questionnaires, which take weeks to fill. In fact, telling your members what to say (and not say), just raises suspicion about the entire community you are running. Be a good host and leave it up to your guests to restrain themselves.

Be Original

No one wants to read the same “Top Ten Online Dating Tips” over and over in re-arranged order. Just ask yourself one question: “Is your site on the Internet?” Hopefully, the answer is yes, which already qualifies you as a mild expert in everything online. But then you should be aware that your members also have to use Internet to reach your service, which means they’ve likely come across dozens of advise articles just by opening their browser. All I’m sayin’ – if you want your tips to work for you, make them original. 😉